Student Support Services

Harnett County Schools

NCSCA Delegate Assembly and Conference

I had the opportunity to once again serve on the NCSCA Delegate Assembly at this year's annual fall conference. I was in good company with school counselor from across the state, representing all levels. As a group we discussed pertinent issues in school counseling in North Carolina and then we broke into regional groups to share and problem solve concerns specific to our areas. Common themes were:
  • Administrators understanding of 80/20 break down
  • Classroom guidance expectations
  • School Counselor Evaluations
  • Guidance for legal matters
  • Implementing the ASCA Model

Cynthia Lloyd also shared some updates from NCDPI and many valuable resources on the NC School Counselor wiki. There is a PLC for all school counselors through Google+ as well as information on our evaluation instrument. A copy of the November 2014 Newsletter can be found here.I saw a lot of Harnett County represented at the conference this year! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and don't forget to complete the online evaluation in order to get credit as well as the SEA System reports.It was a wonderful experience and I strongly encourage all of you to apply next year!

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Sweetheart

After speaking to many counselors throughout the state, I found that Harnett County is actually not in that bad of shape when it comes to implementing the ASCA model (who would have thought, right?). I think that we are all on the right path in the fact that we are all thinking about ASCA and have looked at the documentation needed to have a successful school counseling program. Because this is new to us, I think it is important for everyone to implement ASCA at his or her own comfort level. Some people have jumped right in and feel pretty confident with taking on all of the documentation, while others are still feeling pretty overwhelmed. The ultimate goal is for all of our schools to have programs guided and supported by the ASCA National Model, but that takes time. One of the speakers described it as "looking at a tree and picking a leaf" with the message being that we have to start somewhere. She actually suggested to start with the Management Agreement - which is quite appropriate since that is a key component of our evaluation. Here are some key items from her presentation:
  • The purpose of ASCA is to do more school counseling
  • Keep it simple
  • ASCA National Model is even more important when you have a large caseload
  • ASCA model gives you tools to take things off your plate
  • Take advantage of colleagues
  • Data should drive decision making (classroom guidance)
  • Start with ONE goal
  • Counseling plan should support the schools academic mission
  • Key documents: management agreement, curriculum action plan, master calendar, closing the gap goals, results reports

The key question that resonates with me is "How are students different because of what we do?"