Jorge Edward Inga

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Working on the Hill

Jorge Edward Inga is a smart and skilled legal professional who has a firm agenda that reflects the protection of our environment. He has experience working in politics as an assistant in foreign policy and environmental research to Senator Connie Mack of Florida. Together with a team, they worked on developments in renewable energy such as solar and wind power.

Jorge Edward Inga on Success

Jorge Edward Inga is a skilled scholar and environmental awareness advocate who has made his opinions heard both to the general public as well as the political area. He has devoted many years to the thing he concerns himself with the most; and in that he has found a number of successes that he can use as credentials to this day. In his own words, “I am a person who strives to achieve the goals that I set to myself at a very early age. Those goals are basically to fulfill my aspirations in becoming a professional in the field of law which will let me fight for the protection of the environment.” He has stuck with these goals using a varied set of values.


Without persistence, it can be very hard to achieve your goals, says Jorge Edward Inga. Being persistent and continuing to try beyond all odds is the absolute best way to get to wherever it is you want to be. Not only will you inevitably gain extra skills in whatever it is you are doing, but you will also earn the respect of those around you for being a devoted and passionate individual. And those very people will be the ones who eventually help you achieve your goals, which brings us to the next point.


Having respect for yourself and others is crucial to anyone’s success. Making friends is highly beneficial in most professions, and that starts with practicing respect to the thoughts, wishes and feelings of those very people.

Jorge Edward Inga - The Countries of the Andes

Having spent much time in South America, Jorge Edward Inga knows the world’s second tallest mountain range very well. He is a mountain climber and skier by hobby who enjoys getting out and exploring what other places have to offer in terms of mountainous terrain. On his trip to the Andes, he learned much about South America and the people who inhabit these mountainous areas. Below, he shares some of these cultures and what they bring to the region.


Peru is a country that is very rich in history, culture and recreational activities. In the mountainous areas of Peru there are ruins of ancient Incan civilizations. The most popular spot in Peru is perhaps Machu Picchu, where great Incan scholars, scientists and other elite societal members created this intricate and beautiful hideaway from the Spanish when they were colonizing the area. Machu Picchu is preserved today for hundreds of tourists to visit each day via the Incan Trail, a multi-day hike through jungles and mountains that is both a physical challenge as well as a lesson in history.


Chile is an incredible country with a diverse range of natural habitats. It is also known for being the best place in South America to go skiing. It features places such as Valle Nevado, which is right outside of Santiago and is known for incredible terrain. Then there is Chillan, which is known for getting the most snow on the continent while also boasting natural thermal spas nearby.

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Jorge Edward Inga: Interests

Jorge Edward Inga is a well-rounded individual who has one passionate focus: to help protect the environment through using his knowledge and skills as a strong communicator, thorough researcher and stout environmentalist. He supplements these skills with a knack for certain interests that have come to help him throughout his pursuit of a career in the field that he feels most compelled for. Below, he shares what some of these interest are, and how they have come to help him in regular endeavors.

He has always pursued his love for education with passion and enthusiasm. Among one of the subjects he took to the most was history. He studied History for two years at the University of Louvain in Louvain Belgium. There, his studies centered on World History in the 20th Century.

Jorge Edward Inga also has a particular interest in theoretical physics that is the main driver of his curiosity. As he applied his scientific mind to other areas of life, he developed a model for environmental protection that he lobbied for while working in Washington DC.

With all these interests considered, Jorge Edward Inga is an environmentalist to the deepest of his core. He has been persistent in his environmental protection agenda ever since he was in high school. He has an intense interest in environmental law and in the preservation of natural habitats throughout the world. Jorge loves our environment and will see through on any potential dangers to the environment that are either caused by or can be prevented by humans.

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