King Philip

By: Matthew iommi, Trevor Woodruff, Esere Nesiama

Family history

Metacomet(King Philip) leader of the Wampanoag Indians in the New England area, was one of two sons of Massasoit, when his brother Wamsutta (King Alexander) and father died , Metacomet became the king. No one knows how many kids Metacomet had or what happened to them.


Integrity - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. (as defined by google dictionary)

King Philip had low integrity because he sold his wife and one of his sons into slavery. He also married his brothers wife after he died which shows that his respect for him was low and that he did bad things when he thought no one was taking note of him.


Citizenship - the status of a citizen with rights and duties. (as defined by google dictionary)

King Philip became a chief in 1662 which shows his loyalty to the community after his fathers death. He did his best to protect his people and merge with the colonist showed when he surrendered ammunition in 1671 to the leaders of the Plymouth colony. He also fought for his tribe against the explorers when they tried to take their land in king Philips war of 1675. Citizenship - the status of a citizen with rights and duties.

Political Alliances

King Philip didn't like that the British on his land, he aligned with other Native American tribes to wage a war (King Philips war) on the British. King Philip fought for his people and the right to keep the land they had owned for centuries.