reformation change

by the one and only duro$

reformation change

Martin Luther changed the catholic church.he also was associated with the contributions.Martin Luther also wrote 95 thesis about the wrong doings in the church,and protest began.people started not to trust the catholic church because they did not follow the bible.

today society

in today society their are different branches of Christianity. indulgences are no longer in effect in today society. indulgences cant make people mad anymore they cant make money. their are so many people that believe different religions they don't have to follow other people religion they can have their own. without the reformation today society wouldn't be the same.

impact society

people started following new leaders because of the change. religion changed because people didn't trust the church they were going to at that time. because of that that changed people views of the church and life. people also started riots about the church and priest. they were doing indulgences that cause people to not like the church.

people involved

certain people were involved in the reformation change. Martin Luther was one of the reasons changes happen. Also john Calvin he created Calvinism thats a diffrent religion also that was a split between catholic church. Gutenberg was also involved he created printing press. he also helped martin Luther create more bibles.