All About Me !

Veerpal Kang

Who am I ?

Hi, my name is Veerpal Kang. I am a fifteen year old from Brampton, ON . My first priorities are looking out for my family then my friends because I look out for others necessities before mine. I am a very athletic and competitive person because I hat too lose. My favorite type of foods is Pasta and chicken.

My Life Line

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First day of high school (September 4, 2014)

This was a exciting experience and i learned a lot from the older kids. It was also a rally weird experience because of the amount of freedom we got all of a sudden I never knew what to do so it was confusing and hard at first but now i'm used to it. Also on the first day I was one of the shortest kids in the school and it was terrifying because there were giants all around me so I got bigger and taller now i am one the tallest in my grade.

My Favorite Things

Leadership Style


I am a Joiner because I do not like being the leader I as everyone there opinions and I believe everyone should have equal power in the group. A Joiner also represents my leader ship style because of the many ways I can relate to my life with it. For Example on my Rep Soccer Team I am the captain and I always made sure that us as teammates ave a healthy relationship so we can be good friends off the pitch and on. Also this helped make us better because we had trust in each other. I also make sure for group assignments everyone is comfortable with what they have and I do not want to make others UN- comfortable. I don't like the overall title as Leader I believe everyone inn the group is equal and contributes to the assignment one way or another.
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My Dad always pushes me to do better things in my life and always lectures me about to do better things in life and he teaches me how to be a better man. He always says one "First you get better at something but it never stops then you have to keep on pushing and learning because no matter what you can not be perfect there is always room for improvement". Also my dad can be really strict on me because he wants me to strive for my goals and go far in life but he is a really goof guy. He loves me with all of his heart and always with me helping out or doing whatever he can to make me happy.

Role Model

My older Brother

My older brother is my role model I want to be string as him and get good in soccer or even better than him. He strives to complete his tasks at whatever it is. He always looks out for the younger family members and puts us before him he will go out of his way to make us happy. He wants me to go far in soccer and push harder every time he is the reason I went into soccer because he started playing way before me and he always use to teach me new skills so I can always have more game sense and knowledge on the pitch than others.

Future Career Path

Ronaldinho Gaucho ● Moments Impossible To Forget

Soccer Player

I want to go into soccer and hopefully become pro because I have the work in order to do it because I sacrifice free time with my friends instead to train for soccer and go to the Gym. I plan to make it past high school and into post secondary. Then from that tryout for soccer team or hopefully get a scholarship. I also play out side of school and on the school team. My favorite soccer player is Ronaldhino because I love his play style and I want to make my style of play the same as his.
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Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

Learning Styles (Auditory)

Yes this is true about me because i am more of auditory person because when I don't understand something i will rather have it taught to me one on one or me in a class discussion. Also when I was small I will rather have the teacher or even now read to us than silent reading because I can better interpret the story because I tend to skim more than actually read and get easily distracted.

Personality (ENFJ)

This reflects me because i can read people moods and be aware of my surroundings and know the type of mood and if anything is suspicious or something about to happen. I can easily read people's mood for example just by the tone of their voice or their facial expression I can tell a lot about their personality.

Interests (Consular)

I am not the type of person to counsel some one because i am worried about my life than others i don't help random people because i don't want to get involved unless if they are my friends. Also I don't kn ow what strangers have been through I don not have the ability to live life in their shoes it is too confusing because I have never had that problem.

Knowledge (Physical Education)

This is true because I enjoy playing lots of sports and i have next year for grade 11 i have 2 gyms Basketball class and normal gym. I enjoy playing lots of sports as well. I play Soccer out of school. I am a crazy sports fan also I find any type of physical activity fun and I hate sitting down for a while I just need to get up and do something

Motivations (Independence)

I am more of a independent person because i don really talk to a lot of people other than my friends. I usually tend to not get along with people i don't know. I am also Independent because I really do not enjoy working with others in class because I strive to get all my work done in class then with remainder of the time I can talk to my friends.

Multiple Inteligeces

The results I got on the Multiple Intelligence's survey do not really surprise me at all because I got the same results as i expected. All my results were all under 5 which means all my strengths were pretty much balanced out . MY musical and Kinesthetic senses were the highest. My musical sense was high because I enjoy listening to all types of music and i can move easily to move beats because i like to dance and get up and have fun.My kinesthetic sense was also one of the highest out of the others because of the simple fact I learn better if I am actually doing something and not being taught through a lecture because i easily get zoned out during lessons and some kids learn better of lectures and get ahead of me then the teacher assumes everyone understands then moves on without me having any clue of what she just said. The rest of my senses were low 2’s or 1’s My only strengths are Musical and Kinesthetic.

True Colors

I am adventourous orange because I love having fun and I am friendly with many people. I am also playful but I can relate one of thesse a lot to my self like being competitve because I hate losing in games and sports. I love wining but also having fun while at it. I also love to explore new things and i need freedom because I spend most of my time outside with my friends. I also love action like any type of physical activity I enjoy.Adventurous Orange was one bar away to being full which suprised me because I was not even a mix I was adventorous orange by majority. I felt that was accurate because the defintion matches my personality perfectly. I paticullary love to take risks and try new things because if i think about something I have to do it rather than regret not doing it and keep on doing it.