Amazing Mom?

For Amazing Mothers Everywhere. Pay It Forward Mothers Day.

Is your mom, grandma, wife or partner an amazing mother? Are you an amazing mother?


This year we ask you to honour those special women with a special gift. Trust us, it's better than flowers and goes great with a pandora charm.

Donate $50 to give vulnerable mothers of Kaliro, Uganda, the tools to be the independent, powerful women that moms are! If you're reading this and thinking, "Well, I'm an amazing mom!", we are telling you to give yourself a gift, acknowledge your awesomeness and lead the way for other moms.

Please pass this along to everyone you appreciate or appreciates you.

Chicks for Chicks

"If only I can make another disadvantaged woman smile, be able to take care of her children and orphaned children. I would smile knowing I have a reason to live." -Ronald Wako founder of Chicks for Chicks: Tusobola

Chicks for Chicks: Tusobola is the project of Ronald Wako. In Uganda it is refered to as Tusobola (translating to 'We Can'). This company co-developed with Einstein Rising provides hardworking underserved families a chance at financial independence by loaning them chickens and helping them start small livestock businesses. These women are also provided guidance and future loans to foster growth. We share our knowledge on animal welfare and husbandry to create informed responsible entrepreneurs.

Einstein Rising

Strengthening the future of Africa by empowering social entrepreneurs advocating for land, animals and communities through business development & loans.