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Issue 3, 6 March 2020

Principal's News - Grandparents and Special Friends Day

What a wonderful day we have had today celebrating with our Grandparents and Special Friends! The vibe around our college today was electric, so many happy faces enjoying spending time together. Thank you to all of our guests who joined us, making the effort to travel and find the time when life is so busy to 'go to school with your little ones'. We welcomed our biggest number of visitors for this day since its inception, with standing room only at Chapel and Sing-a-long!

Our staff, students and parent volunteers who worked together to plan and coordinate today are yet another example of the amazing people at Trinity. Thank you to you all for your efforts and time, we are truly appreciative.

May this long weekend bring an opportunity for your family to enjoy some time together, rest and recharge after a busy start to the year.

Eloise Beveridge

Before School Procedures

Staff commence duty at 8:25am in the morning. Students are encouraged to not arrive until after this time. For those who do arrive before 8:25am it is important that students sit (no games) and wait in the following areas:

  • Prep – Year 2 – on seats outside the front of Victoria Wing
  • Year 3 – 6 – In the Sails area / outside the Library
  • Year 7 – 10 – In the Sails area

Once staff commence duty (8:25am) students in Years 3-10 may move to the Outdoor Courts for ball games and Prep - Year 2 students may play on the grass area in front of Victoria building. No other areas are available for playing in.

All playgrounds are out of bounds BEFORE and AFTER school.

Thank you for reinforcing with your children the need to follow our before school procedures.

The Zones of Regulation

The primary learning communities have introduced The Zones of Regulation. It is a curriculum framework, which teaches students how to recognise and communicate how they are feeling in the moment. Different levels or states of alertness regarding how their bodies might be moving are categorised in four colour-coded zones – blue, green, yellow and red.

Green is the zone for focussed, calm learning and students participated in activities to help them choose the tools and strategies designed to achieve this level of alertness. All zones are naturally experienced and acceptable and the goal is for students is to be able to self-regulate independently.

The Zones of Regulation has explicit, related vocabulary and develops social thinking and problem solving skills. Students learn self-and other awareness by reflecting on thoughts, perspectives of others, expected behaviours and strategies to make positive choices in social situations. Other explicit vocabulary used to develop social understanding is whole body listening, group plan and body in the group.

In the following issues of Trinity Connect, information about The Zones of Regulation will be included, starting with each of the four colour-coded zones.

Volunteering Child Safety Briefing Sessions

Visit our website to find the dates and information about upcoming Volunteering Child Safety Briefing Sessions for 2020. Information previously emailed to all families.

Inquiry into IB

ATLs - Approaches to Learning

In order to be prepared for lifelong learning and conduct purposeful inquiry, students need to master a whole range of skills which are relevant to all subject areas as well as life outside school. In the IB PYP these skills are called the Approaches to Learning or ATLs. The skills are grouped into the categories Thinking Skills, Social Skills, Communication Skills, Self- Management Skills and Research Skills. As students progress through their IB education they will be explicitly taught these important skills explicitly and apply them throughout their inquiry leaning.

by Stephanie Kriewaldt, IB PYP Coordinator

Ride 2 School Day - 13 March

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Student - Parent - Teacher Conferences

An email has been sent home to all families with specific details of our upcoming Student - Parent - Teacher Conferences on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 March.

Our Teachers value this opportunity to connect with parents and guardians and share the progress of students to date this year. Students are encouraged to attend these interviews and will share their learning and talk about their goals and areas of need with staff and parents.

Booking details were contained in the email or contact the Office for additional assistance. Primary interviews are held in the students classroom, secondary interviews will be held in Sunset Hall.

Twilight @ Trinity

Wednesday, March 25th, 5pm

920 Fifteenth Street

Mildura, VIC

An evening to celebrate learning, from 5pm.

BBQ for all families provided by the amazing TLC PTFA!

Classroom learning displays from 5pm, BYO chairs and blankets for the outdoor concert.

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Application for Enrolment

First step to enrolment at Trinity is to complete the Application for Enrolment and return to the College with accompanying documents and pay the $33.00 application fee.

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