Benjamin Franklin

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Did you know that Ben Franklin is a famous inventor? Ben Franklin was born in Boston Massachusetts. Ben was famous for many things. Franklin proved that lightning is an electric spark. These are some things about Ben Franklin.

Early Life

Franklin was acknowledged from many people but what about his early life?

Franklins accomplishments started when he was born in Boston Massachusetts. When he was ten he used a printing press for his brothers print shop.ben was a child with 17 brothers and sisters!he dreamed that things will be named after,what a powerful dream!Ben was talented at printing at age 10! Holy Cow!

Franklins Achievements

Franklin is known for his improvement to Philadelphia. Franklin made a lot of improvements to Philadelphia. He started the first hospital. He created tar for paved roads. He made the first library. Franklin established the first fire department. Franklin was a famous man! Franklin was a very important part of the industrial revolution.

A Kite And A Key

Ben was a confident man when he proved that lightning is an electric spark. WOW,Zap is right! Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning is a huge electric spark with only a kite and a key! The lightning would strike the kite. Then it will travel through the line. Next,it will make the key static. Ta-Da,electricity at your fingers! Franklin was able to make his stove work with the key. He shocked himself in the process. He was paralyzed after that,but it didn't last. Franklin must be brave to do that. He must be proud!


Ben Franklin is an extraordinary person! He is an important part of life.Ben had a big family! 17 siblings is a lot of teasing to put up with! If a fire is put out in your house,who do you thank? Ben Franklin of course! ZAP! Electricity is a think to think about.and it started with Ben Franklin! Franklin is a great person to think about. Many of the things around you started with him!


Acknowledge,to say that you accept or do not deny the truth

Established,to begin or create

Industrial,of or related to industry

Paralyzed,unable to move

Revolution,to attempt to end government


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