Have you heard of a Pomsky Rex?

In this flyer, you will learn about this transgenic animal!

The animals that were chosen

The animals that were chosen for a transgenic animal was a Pomsky and a Devon Rex cat. These two animals were used for this operation because these animals are capable to reproduce much faster than humans. Also, these two animals combined because the combined animal will be more beneficial for animal research for human diseases (heart disease or cardiovascular malfunctions in dogs, and respiratory problems and sight for cats).

The lifestyle of the Pomsky Rex

This transgenic animal, Pomsky Rex, has an very specific environment that they must live in. In this environment, the coldest temperature can only be 63 degrees Fahrenheit, and must live in a spacious area with plenty of vegetation and water.

Pomsky Rexs also demand extra attention and are extremely hyper (this is hereditary because of the huskies temper and their hyper behavior. Also, Devon Rexs are hyper and creative).

This animal is a herbivore, so it only eats spinach, peas, green beans, and any other vegetable that is available.

Pomsky Rex's features

Pomsky Rex's very closely resemble their parents. These transgenic animals contains the Pomksys fur coat on its body, height, and eye shape. Also, this animal gets the Devon Rex's ears, body type, nose and feet. The characteristics of these two animals were chosen to transfer because this transgenic animal can be tested for multiple different diseases and viruses that are similar to humans.