Westminster Upper Campus

Distance Learning & Limited Capacity

First Week of School

The first day of school at the Upper Campus will be either August 18 or August 19, depending on the student's last name. Students with last names that begin with A-K (Group 1) will attend school on August 18. Last names that begin with L-Z (Group 2) will attend school on August 19. The first day of school will be a whole day, not a half day as we have done in the past.

First week of school:

- August 18 Group 1 (A-K) on campus, Group 2 (L-Z) no school

- August 19 Group 2 (L-Z) on campus, Group 1 (A-K) no school

- August 20 Group 1 (A-K) on campus, Group 2 (L-Z) remote learning at home

- August 21 Group 2 (L-Z) on campus, Group 1 (A-K) remote learning at home

The first week of school students will attend all of their classes (A-G) every day that they have school. Beginning August 24, students will follow the normal cascading schedule for classes whether they are on campus or at home.

Beginning School at 50% Capacity - Together in Part

While at 50% Capacity, students will operate on a 2 week schedule. Week 1, Group 1 (A-K) will attend class on campus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while Group 2 (L-Z) will attend on campus Tuesday and Thursday. The next week, Week 2, Group 1 will attend on campus on Tuesday and Thursday while Group 2 will attend on campus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This process will continue to repeat until we can return to 100% capacity and will be reevaluated every two weeks. The Upper Campus will operate at 50% capacity mode through Labor Day, at which time administration will evaluate whether or not it is safe to begin with 100% capacity or continue with 50% capacity.

When students are not participating in on-campus learning they will be attending class at home via Google Meet with a normal daily schedule. Attendance will be taken in each class for students whether they are on-campus or at home. Each teacher will stream their instruction via Google Meet. Students will receive the same instruction on their at-home day as they would if they were in the classroom.

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Sample Schedule for John Smith (Group 2)

On Monday, John will be prepared for class to begin at 7:55 am. He will attend his class using Google Meet where he will be part of a live video stream with his teacher and class. John will transition from class to class by clicking on teacher’s virtual classroom links located in the Hub and participating in an interactive distance learning experience. On Tuesday, John will attend class with his teachers and approximately 50% of his class on-campus. On Wednesday, John will attend classes from home through Google Meet. On Thursday, he will be on campus with his teachers and approximately 50% of his classmates. Then on Friday, John will once again be at home, attending classes via Google Meet. The following week, John will attend classes on campus on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and will be at home on Tuesday and Thursday.

Extenuating Circumstances

With permission, students may have the option of coming on-campus on their at-home day (intended for non-drivers and students with extenuating circumstances). These students will be placed in the library (6th grade), gym or cafeteria to virtually attend their class and complete their classwork. Students will need to bring their own earbuds or headphones each day.

Families who have extenuating circumstances have the ability to opt-in to on-campus full time learning (for a 9 week time period) or opt-out for at-home full time (for a 9 week period).

Students who opt-in would be at the Upper School campus full-time. The student would follow their on-campus schedule based on their last name and attend that day in the classroom. Their at-home day would consist of them virtually attending their class while sitting in a different location outside of the classroom at the Upper School campus.

Please contact Jason Anderson at jason.anderson@wca-hsv.org by June 30th for the opt-in or opt-out option. If you do not have extenuating circumstances and are comfortable with the 50% capacity schedule you do not need to contact Jason Anderson.

Potential Reasons for Opt-in = On-campus full time (with a classroom proctor)

  • Both parents work outside the home and student needs supervision

  • Poor internet connectivity at home

  • SLP students

  • Other extenuating circumstances

Potential Reasons for Opt-out = At-home full time (will be reassessed after 9 weeks)

  • Medical underlying conditions

  • Other extenuating circumstances

Important Note About Illnesses

Please email the Upper School RN at sarah.hendrix@wca-hsv.org if your student tests positive for Covid-19, has been exposed to a positive case, or is absent due to any other illness. While maintaining confidentiality, the RN will inform any staff that needs to know in order to perform their job. It is imperative that we have this information to assist with contact tracing, keep our campus as healthy as possible, and to track student illness rates.
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Additional Questions?

Please see our Updated Return to Learn FAQ's for more information.