Collins Elementary

Daily BULLetin!

WHO's not here today?

Jaime Rowland in for Elrod
Lisa Hicks in for Sigmon
Janet Harwood in for Walsh (PM)
Melisa Lynch in for Seever (PM)


Dates on the Horizon

1st- Fake Flowers Don't Die- 3rd- 5th (2:00)

1st- Boys Basketball Games Begin!

2nd- Rock Garden Work- 11 to ?

4th-13th – ATM week

4th- 5th grade and 1st grade ATM

7th- 4th grade and K ATM

11th- 3rd grade ATM

13th- 2nd grade ATM
5th- No SCHOOL

6th- Team Leader (7:30 AM!!!)

6th- Superintendent's Student Advisory Council

9th- Veteran's Day
11th-15th PEP Assessment Week

17th- Full Moon
22nd- Assembly
27th- 29thNo School- Happy Thanksgiving


Simplify your language, not the content.

Speak directly to the student, emphasizing important nouns and verbs.
Avoid using slang and idiomatic expressions. New vocabulary should be presented, discussed and used prior to teaching content.

You can talk until you're blue in the face but they won't make heads or tails of it until you lend them a helping hand.

Just Because..... You really wanted something else to look at! (over achievers!!!)

Heads Up...

Becky Arnett found a wonderful website that she wanted to share with everyone:
Thanks Becky! :)

Thank you to Rhonda & Cody Herald, Carol, Kelly H. and Bob, Kodie, and Gabby Goble for working so hard on our rock garden this weekend! :)

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