Beers Law Lab

by: Jordan Vlaminck

pre lab

Aunt Elda was getting her appendix out and died during the surgery. were the CSI team studying the anesthesia to check if the cause of death was an abundant amount of anesthesia. the normal amount of anesthesia should be under 40%. to test the % of the anesthesia we are going to see how much light shines through at each % and then compare our results to the anesthesia given to aunt Elda.


using our machine that shines light through the different percent of the liquids we collected our data on a graph.

for 10% solution we had 0.094 absorbency,

for 20% solution we had 0.207 absorbency,

for 30% solution we had 0.319 absorbency,

for 40% solution we had 0.483 absorbency,

for 50% solution we had 0.545 absorbency,

for 60% solution we had 0.615 absorbency.

and finally for the solution given to Aunt Elda we had 0.338 absorbency which mans she had less than 40% solution and did not die from to much anesthesia.

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to make a percent solution you need to fill a beaker to a certain amount with water. after filling it with water you dump it into a glass jar and then fill the beaker with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 ml of solution so that makes it that % solution.