Universal Leadership Conference

Student-Led Conference a Success!

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The Universal Leadership Conference is a student-run annual conference with the mission of empowering students and supporting diversity efforts and promoting multicultural awareness by bringing together students and leaders from diverse background to learn leadership skills, cultivate social responsibility, break down leadership barriers, and to adopt leadership as a way of life.

The first annual ULC was held on Saturday, May 4th when more than 200 people filled Mobius Hall, many from around the region, including some from as far as Oregon and British Columbia. There were twenty concurrent sessions, and presenters included UW Bothell students and staff, as well as faculty members from other institutions and representatives from local non-profits. They had outstanding keynotes and panelists, including Howard Behar, Martin Coles, Deborah Wilds, Courtney Gregoire, Larry Gossett, and Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange, all of whom commented on how engagement, passion, and dedication of UW Bothell students.

The event was emceed by UW Bothell seniors Omair Khan and Marlene Manzo. Seniors Drew Stone and Aaron Huston were given ULC Student Leadership Awards for their outstanding contributions to student leadership.

This was a completely student-created, student-run conference, and it was both thoroughly professional and exceptionally educational. Ty Edwards is the founder and chair of the conference. Ty's vision and his work to bring together a diverse group of student volunteers from across UW Bothell made the event possible.

The ULC is now looking for volunteers to help organize next year's conference. Interested students should write to Ty Edwards at TEdwards@uwb.edu.

More information and pictures can be found on the ULC Website and on the ULC Facebook Page.

By the numbers...

20 Concurrent Sessions
Approximately 200 guests from 10 regional colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations
6 featured panelists, moderators, and keynotes
More than 30 UWB student volunteers planned, organized, and executed the event

Assessment Data:
222 concurrent session evaluations submitted
Average responses below on a 5-point scale (5 = strongly agree)
  • How satisfied are you with the workshop?: 4.36
  • Was the topic discussed valuable?: 4.56
  • Were the presenters effective facilitators?: 4.53
  • Has this workshop changed the way you view leadership?: 4.03
  • Do you want to learn more about this topic in the future?: 4.34


The ULC would not have been possible without generous sponsorships and other support from many people.
  • Office of Academic Affairs (UWB)
  • Office of the Chancellor (UWB)
  • Campus Activities Board (CCC)
  • Campus Events Board (CEB)
  • Diversity Programmers (UWB)
  • Diversity Council (UWB)
  • Department of Education (UWB)
  • HEROs (UWB)
  • School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (UWB)
  • Department of Nursing and Health Sciences (UWB)
  • Office of Student Life (UWB)
  • Office of Student Life (CCC)