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Finding a new normal

Here we are, one week of staying home together behind us. Some of us are trying out new school at home routines, but for many it may just feel like Spring Break came early. I'm noticing in my own family that a new rhythm of family together time and then folks needing some alone time is emerging.

What patterns are emerging in your family? Are we ever going to find a "new normal"? How are your kids doing? Establishing some spiritual practices to do as a family may help ground your routines. This week, I encourage everyone to try making a chalice at home.

And then send me pictures of your family chalice! I'd love to share images of what we come up with.

And, parents, remember that your ability to self-regulate is directly built on your self-care. Your children will benefit so much more from a well-cared for parent than they would from any amount of home-enrichment activities. Take care of yourselves, this is more of a marathon than a race we are in.

A brilliant colleague of mine made this video to tell the kids how to take care of their grown ups:

Care and Feeding of Your Adult During Social Distancing

Soul Matters for Parents Tonight, 6:30pm

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Stay connected even when you can't make it in to OUUC in person! Reflect on the theme of the month from the comfort of your home (and your jammies if you want).

March's Theme is Wisdom, April's Theme is Liberation. To receive a theme packet digitally ahead of the meeting, just email me at

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Family Chapels on Zoom

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Join us for simple online worship, a story, and discussion with other families and kids on Zoom.

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Childrens Annual Meeting Online Ballot

Vote online now!

The Children’s Annual Meeting moved online on Sunday March 22nd, and the kids who joined that call made some nominations! Now all our kids can vote on the final choices. Voting closes on April 1st.

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