Mrs. Rogers' Fantastic Fourth!

October 2020

Whew! We made it for a month!

Thanks for hanging in there, parents, with a crazy start to a new school year.

Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these 4th graders? I'm so grateful to be back with them together. Yes, we miss you, at-home remote learners, but you all are doing a great job keeping up!

Attendance changes

After our staff meeting today, here are the attendance changes.

  • If you call it in to Mrs. Tifft, she will let me know.
  • Students must send their attendance question by 9 am, then I send a report by 9:15.
  • Parents without internet or device: email/Remind/text by 9 am.
  • If I don't hear by 9 am, I will temporarily mark them absent. We are not marking tardies any more if I receive it after 9 am.
  • If I hear from you or the student before 2:30, I will change the temporary absence to present, and send a corrected report.
  • After that it stays an absence, since the school day is over.

Whew! I think that's it. I hope this clarifies a little bit. Thanks for your help!

At-Home Remote Learners: Pick up and Drop off

So, from now on, the Drop Off and Pick Up tubs will be out at 6 am on Friday, until the night crew brings them in at 10 pm Friday night.

However...I'm not sure Mrs. Skelly and I can always get them into the tubs by the time we leave on Thursday. We are running a pretty tight schedule, and if you can imagine 6 plates spinning on sticks, that's what we are running!

  • We plan next week's instruction for everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.
  • We copy, assemble, and edit/print the calendar schedule on Thursdays.
  • Usually the big white envelopes are ready by the time I leave here on Thursday afternoon, but it only takes 1 copier breakdown/internet crash to de-rail that! So, there may be times when the envelopes are not ready by Thursday afternoon, and we will need Friday morning early to finish.
  • So...can we say that the envelopes will be in the tubs by 8:30 am on Friday? Is that too late?
  • If you can pick up and drop off by 2:30 when I leave on Friday, that would be great so I can take it home and look at work over the weekend. If you can't pick up and drop off until after 2:30, that's okay too! I will look at it the next week.

Thanks for sticking with me during that long explanation. It's working well so far!

New things this week

Mrs. Skelly has started her weekly vocabulary instruction. Students have very predictable daily vocab assignments added to their other instruction. For that reason, I am holding off on a weekly math problem set, at least for 1-2 more weeks.

I hope the calendar schedules are helpful.

Science Lab this week! Owl Pellet dissections are happening during Science class. At-Home Remote parents: these are in the envelopes today, and students will need a tray or cookie sheet to work on.

Parent Night

An informational video/Google Slide show will take the place of in-person Parent Night. It will be ready in a week or two, and sent via email or shared, if you have a Gmail account. I can also print the slides and send them home on paper.

Send any questions my way, so I can address them for everyone in the slides!

Contact me any time for questions, thank you!

Cell: 518-478-4402,
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