New York

Where New Patterns Develops New Population Growth

Oh New York was Once The New Netherland.....?

1663 King Charles II had slaves carried out of Africa to the British West Indies, which had Britain make a move for the New Netherland. Territory was being placed, in hands of others. Charles young brother James had given away New Jersey, causing the Netherland to become New York, after the governor of New York, then gave the western side of Connecticut River to Connecticut.

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The Upcoming Establishment of whats now Called New York!

I remember living in the part of a colony that was part Dutch and English. All of us knew profits for this colony was all going to be sent to James. The governors of New York, confirmed Dutch landowning’s, which distributed more than two million acres in lands across the Hudson River. We just knew the people were going to make it, because of the religious toleration our region has been putting up with, but others were pushed away because of the feudal land policies. This region was flooding with diverse people, like myself that just wanted a stable economy to live in. Of course the duties were being obeyed, and the rise of trying to increase the revenue, actually made the local merchants really mad, and this was our harm for the economy because of James. We had experienced the conflict of English and Dutch men that were trying to pass what was called “Charter of Libertyes and Priviledges.” If this was approved, then we as a colony of New York would have been granted numbers to allow, self-government by our elected assembly. Our king did refuse this at the time, because he didn’t want us New Yorkers to have more rights than other colonists, and undermine the power of Parliament. This causes our population growth to be put on a hold, because in a way we were fighting ourselves to stay aboard.

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