The Ukraine


Why the Revolution is Needed

The Ukraine is on the brink of revolution. People have flooded the streets with violent protests. The Ukraine is in need of a revolution because the democracy isn't a true democracy. People are protesting in the square demanding that President Viktor Yanukovych resign from parliament. The reason that they're protesting is because their president backed out of a bail out agreement with Russia called the EU association agreement. This would help the Ukraine's economy and make closer ties with Russia. This would be very beneficial for the country.

The Plan

Our plan for a revolution is simple. We will protest in the heart of our country. Kiev. We will march into parliament during a meeting of the Supreme Council and demand change. If we aren't violent they wont take us seriously so we will have to arm ourselves the best we can. We're too vulnerable to attack now. We lack protection. We need to find all of the surplus army gear we can find. We need to smuggle in supplies or contact a neutral country and convince them of our need for change and ask for supplies. In the mean time we should tone down the current riots. No violence. If we keep up what we're doing they will shut us down before our we actually strike. After we are fully prepared we will all meet at the square with our gear hidden under our coats. We will act as though we're rallying together for a non-violent protest. Then we will attack. We will fight our way into the parliament building and take control of our own government. We will dispose of any corrupt or unfit leaders and take the country for ourselves. The time for change is now.