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January 10, 2020

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Great Start Back in 2020!

Thank you everyone for your work this week to welcome students back and to reinforce the "Lincoln Way" as we start the second semester. I know zone's refresher lessons have started and you all have worked to reinforce our four school wide expectations. Please do not rush or skip these lessons as the material presented in them will pay off for you in the spring when the weather gets warmer (ignore that today is also in the 60s!).

This month we are gathering data from our students to continue to support our journey of growth here at Lincoln. In all areas we need to be moving students forward. After we have collected DRA and the Case 21 data we will have lots of information on our students achievement with grade level standards and our teaching practices. In addition, we need to relfect on what worked instructionally with our kids and what didn't. As we desagrigate our data and look at student growth we need to take a hard look at our instructional practices. Are we using high leverage instructional strategies that are getting the growth out of our kids that we want to see?? If what we have been doing isn't woking, we need to look at other strategies and approaches. We will continue to discuss our data and our plan of action to address areas of need when we meet in PLC each week.

Thank you for all that you are doing to hold students accountable, have them do the "lifting" of their own learning, and building independence for them here at school. You are the right staff to be with these kids and we are making a difference.

Testing Info For Next Week

We have talked with teachers in grades 3-5 regarding the CASE 21 tests that will be administered at the end of next week. Our goal is to not upend the schedule and to contine with RTI. This approach does have a different look to it in order to accomidate all of our students needs. If this approach works...GREAT! If it doesn' harm, no foul. We are trying to find the best way to provide accomidations to our SPED and 504 kids with staff that is known to them and they will be accountable to for thier best work. Thank you for your willingness to try this new grouping approach.


Revised KCS Assessment Calendar

With the addition of CASE 21, KCS has modified the assessment calendar. Please see the revised edition and discard the previous one. (see attached word document.)

2019-20(revised)Kingsport City Schools Elementary Assessment Calendar.docx



Lincoln's Benchmark Testing Schedule

Lincoln's Benchmark Testing Schedule for Jan. 15, 16, 17 & 21 is attached. Please read IMPT information on the first sheet. Then, look at your grade level tab across the bottom to determine who goes where, does what, and when.

Second Semester Clubs Reminder

Please fill out the clubs form with the information about your second semester club in the drive before Monday. Thanks.

Morning Duty

Please check the duty schedule so you know when you have morning duty. Please put a reminder in your personal calendar. New year and new reminders in our personal calendars are always a good idea. I know I am updating mine. It is noticeable when someone isn't at duty. Thank you in advance for your support of before school supervision.

9 Weeks Behavior Party

We will have the 2nd 9 weeks behavior party on January 30th at Eastman Auditorium. We are working out details on buses but plan to have the trip time start around 9:00 and we would return around 11:30. Students should not be surprised about their participation in this event. Transparency is important and no one, parent or child, should be caught blindsided regarding who is attending and who are not. If you have questions regarding your criteria for who goes for your team to these events, in the Lincoln Shared Drive is a document for each grade level that was filled out by teachers at the beginning of the year. This form outlined how your grade level determines who attends and who doesn't based on your grade levels' approach to tracking positive behavior. We will get permission slips out closer to the date. Behavior recorded for this month is connected to the third week's party, not second. We plan to show The Secret Life Of Pets 2. If you have questions please ask Stokely or Ms. Zahner.

Reminder for IAs at Lunch

Thank you to our IAs who do a GREAT job supporting our students at lunch. As someone who had lunch duty twice a day in a middle school, I understand that it can be the least favorite part of the day or least favorite job responsibility. I greatly appreciate you all.

We are lucky to have support from IAs involved with both grade levels at each lunch shift. I know that you are each drawn to the students that you know and are most comfortable with, but I want to stress that the group of IAs in the shift are a team and work together to support ALL students in the cafeteria. Our kids have seen your faces all year and even if you are assigned to (for example) first grade, when a fourth grader needs assistance, go and assist. The mentality of I'm a "particular grade" IA or "I only work with this class" (for K IAs) creates an environment where the team of adults in the cafeteria are not working together for the betterment of the lunch shift. Please know that we expect any adult in the cafeteria assigned to duty to work with ALL students not just their grade level/class. This will make the team in each shift stronger and more unified/cohesive when addressing any student in the cafeteria.

Barter Player's Schedule for Monday, January 13th

We are excited to have the Barter Players here on Monday with a great performance of Peter Pan. I am not expecting any rigging or any actual flying actors...but you never know. Mary Martin did it! LOL.

The first performance will be at 9:00 and will include K-2 students. Please arrive at 8:45 so they are able to start promptly.

The second performance will start at 1:15. This will include grades 3-5. Please plan to arrive at 1:00. We know that 4th grade will the the last to enter because of lunch. We would encourage a 4th grade bathroom break if teachers feel it is needed before they come to the performance. If 4th grade is arriving closer to 1:15 to accommodate that bathroom break that is fine.

Lost And Found

Please take a field trip to the auditorium or remind your students to take a look at the two jam packed racks in the auditorium. We will be sending things off to Goodwill at the end of February/Early March to make room for more lost items. If we can reunite items with their owners it would be great!

Calendar Updates For the Week

Monday 1/13

  • Barter Players 9:00 (K-2) 1:15 (3-5) Please arrive 15 min early in the Auditorium

  • Faculty Meeting 3:40--Focus on December's PLC Standard Focus

Tuesday 1/14

  • ELA PLC--Focus on January Standard --Planning --Grade Level Planning

  • Spark 3:30-5:00

Wednesday 1/15

  • Math PLC--Focus on January Standard--Planning--Grade Level Planning (Grades 3-5)

  • CASE 21 Testing ELA--Grades 3-5--See schedule linked above in newsletter

Thursday 1/16

  • CASE 21 Testing Math--Grades 3-5--See schedule linked above in newsletter

  • Student Of The Month Assembly grades 3-5--**2:00 Start** Auditorium

Friday 1/17

  • CASE 21 Testing Science--Grades 3-5 See schedule linked above in newsletter

  • Spark--3:30-5:00--Gym

Lincoln Lion's Are

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