"The Other Wes Moore"

" One name, Two fates "

~The chilling truth that his story could have been mine~

~The tradegy is that my story could have been his~

By: Wes Moore

180 pages


In the gloomy apartment homes of crime and drug filled Baltimore, two boys of the name Wes Moore were born. They both had no fathers to guide them through the world, they both hung out on the streets, and they both got into trouble with the police. They both had awful childhoods. While one of these men grew up to be a decorated veteran, Rhodes Scholar, and a business leader, the other grew up as a convicted murderer and drug dealer serving a life sentence in jail. While one was a White House fellow, the other was a jail cell fellow. The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore tells you in a first and third person point of view how these two similar men chose very different lifestyles.


A theme in this novel is to be determined make the right choices . Another theme in this novel is to follow a good path even though it is harder. Wes made the right decision to go to Valley Forge Military School and to become a Rhodes Scholar. The other Wes decided to keep selling drugs and he decided to let his anger blind him multiple times because he decided to listen to his brother. I can apply being determined to make good decisions to my life by choosing the road that will get the best results. I can choose that I will choose only that right decision whether it is hard or easy. Because of the tragedy of Wes' future, I will be determined to make good decisions. I can apply following a good path to my life by sticking to the good decision that I chose. I will always follow that good decision because it will get me great results. I will always stick to that good decision because Wes did and he is a important man now.