Winning Week

November 16th - 20th

Reading and Writing

This week we enter into week 5 in Wonders unit 2. We will be finishing up learning about Author's Point of View. Students have read many passages and been learning about using direct quotes or how to paraphrase what the author writes as text evidence to back up what they think the author's point of view is.

In writing students have been working on constructing a How To writing sample. We started with looking at the rubric and parts of a How To writing, then some examples, and watching and working on constructing a piece of writing about making popcorn together. Last week the students worked on their graphic organizer and by Friday had their rough draft written. I was able to go in and give feedback in comments and suggestions that will help us as we edit at school this week. It has been fun taking the students through the entire writing process. We are really focusing on that just because we wrote something, that doesn't mean that it is done. The final piece of student writing will be completed by Friday, November 20th.


Last week we finished up Unit 3 on Operations. I graded the test over the weekend and EVERYONE got 85% or higher!! Way to go class! There will be some reteaching on some of the strategies, but as we move through the year they students will just get better with more practice.

This week we start Unit 4 on Measurement and Geometry. On Monday look for the Family Letter for Unit 4 to come home with their Homelinks. The Family Letter is always brought home at the beginning of the unit and is for you to keep throughout. It has explanations and an answer key for you to use to help your student with their Homelinks.

This week we will begin lessons in:

  • Measuring with a ruler
  • Line Plots
  • Exploring measures of distance and mass
  • Polygons, and possibly
  • Special Quadrilaterals

Remember you can use your online Student Reference Book (SRB) if needed to help your student with their work. The SRB contains explanations, sample problems, and an answer key.

Student working on Name Collection Boxes, Frames and Arrows, and exploring using Base 10 blocks to make the same number in different ways.


We have been learning about algorithms and programs in Students usually complete lessons and tasks on problem solving puzzles during our computer lab. Our last two mini-lessons have been "unplugged." Students have been writing their own code (algorithm- a list of steps) using arrows. Everyone loves our lessons and we can even transfer our discussions to our How To writing.

Conferences and Parent Survey

Thank you all for a great conference week! I enjoyed getting to talk with you and next time now that you know the gist of the report card we can look more at the hard work in the student data folders.

As a reminder, if you haven't already please complete the 3rd grade parent survey. When we were testing out the survey it took me 5 minutes to complete and it is mobile friendly. We, the 3rd grade team, look forward to the data so we can see how we can best grow as professionals. Thank you for taking the time to complete it.

Class Happenings

Monday, November 16th

Day D- Mind up and PE

Tuesday, November 17th

Day E- Guidance and Library

Wednesday, November 18th

Day F- Music

Thursday, November 19th

Day A- Library, Computer Lab, PE

Skating Party at Skate North from 6-8pm

Friday, November 20th

Day B- Art