Jason King

What is Terrorism?

Terrorism is defined as the act of violence or use of threats to intimidate, or send a message to a person, city, or even nation. It is most commonly used in pursuit of political claims. Terrorism is used to frighten the people so that the government will do something the terrorist or terrorist group desires.

Who does terrorisim affect?

Terrorism will affect everybody. This scare tactic is designed to attack the government but will ultimately have an affect on everybody. This hateful crime may not directly have an affect on you, but in a way it does. That may be by hearing about all the deaths and that makes you remember the death of a loved one. Terrorism also affects the average Joe by tearing communities, cities, or nations apart.

Why should terrorism have a landmark?

Terrorism is a problem faced throughout history. People have spent years weeping over a loved one lost due to the horrible act of terrorism. While some may never know the pain and fear terrorism provides, it is an issue that must be addressed. Many monuments have been built to honor those that have fallen; this will provide a place to wail, and salute those who have perished. This also can provide a safe haven to enjoy memories of a individual or structure that has fallen to the acts of terrorism.

Where would the monument be?

This commemorative artwork would be located at Hyde park, in London. I chose this location because London is one of the most visited cities in the word; this would bring in people to see the work of art. Also, Hyde park is the biggest park in the city of London which will also attract visitors. Lastly, there was a terrorist attack at Hyde park; Hyde park and Regent's park bombings. This allows for people that remember tis act to remember and pay respect to many other terrorist attacks.

What is the goal in all this?

My main goal is to have one place to pay respects to all the victims of terrorism. Although there are many monuments remembering one event; this will remember most all of the hateful acts. This would include 9/11, the Oklahoma city bombing, the school shootings at Columbine high school and Sandy Hook elementary, the attacks of 26/11, etc. This would also be an eye opener to the uninformed. It will be able to show people the amount of life's lost, it will remind all that terrorism needs to stop.