Texas Revolution Battles

by Jeremy Pham

Battle of Gonzales

This battle that started on October 1835 began the Texas Revolution. Americans refused to surrender a small cannon that had been given in 1831 for defense against the Indians. They decided to dare the Mexicans to take it. After Castaneda, the commander of the Mexican's during this "skirmish", decided to send his army to go after the cannon, the Texan's got the better of the Mexicans and the Mexicans retreated. This is how the Texas Revolution began.

Grass Fight

This was a short battle where Mexicans retreated and ditched their mules on November 26 , 1835. The Texans thought the pouches the mules had were going to have precious silver in them! Instead, all they found were the grass to feed the mules. I guess the Mexicans wanted to "troll" the Texans.

Battle of the Alamo

This battle occurred on March 6, 1836. The battle happened because Texans had to defend the Alamo and stall the Mexican siege. William Travis was the Texan commander and Santa Anna was the Mexican President during the time who commanded his side. The Mexican army did nothing for about 2 weeks until March 6 where Santa Anna decide to attack the Texans who only had 200 troops versus Santa Anna's 5,000. Every fighter of the Texans died, including Travis who was surprisingly one of the first ones. Santa Anna hoped this would make the Texans surrender, but instead, it just boosted their spirits and this is how they got the battle cry "Remember the Alamo!".
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Battle of Coleto Creek

This is the battle that happened on March 19, 1836, to March 20, 1836. James Fannin, the leader of the Texan army, got caught by the Mexicans. However, only 10 Texans died. But this will soon increase more, as they finally got captured and his army got massacred in the event called the Goliad Massacre after Santa Anna decided to execute all of the army. Only a few escaped. The Goliad Massacre event made the Texan's get a new battle cry, "Remember Goliad!".

Battle of Agua Dulce Creek

A minor battle that happened on 3/21/1836 where James Grant decided to try and take the Mexico town of Matamoros. Santa Anna discovers this plan and send General Jose Urrea to stop them from advancing. James Grant died after a surprise attack and 6 of his army escaped but 5 of them that joined Fannin at Goliad soon got executed at the Goliad Massacre.
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Battle of San Jacinto

This battle occurred on April 21, 1836, which ended the Texas Revolution and allowed the Texans to gain independence. Sam Houston sends an attack at 3:30 PM against the sleeping, unarmed Mexicans. 630 Mexicans died to the 9 Texans that were killed or majorly wounded. Houston's ankle was shattered, though, by a metallic rifle ball. During the battle, they yelled the battle cries "Remember the Alamo!" and "Remember Goliad!".