Friday Memo

May 27, 2016

Workday sign in

Please remember to complete the STAFF WORKDAY CHART located in Terri's office. Signatures and Leaves forms are required by June 6th.

Server upgrade coming

We will be having a server upgrade on June 27. While it is great to have a better, faster server, it is always difficult on you when we have to reimage everything in the building. Start preparing now, by getting in the habit of backing up all of your files on our server (info will be transferred to the new server) or google. Anything saved on your laptop will be wiped, so don't let this sneak up on you! We will be asking track one to make sure we have your laptops here on campus by June 21. They wanted the other laptops on Friday, June 24, but given that reports are due the following week, they have relented to have them turned in first thing Monday morning, June 27. They must be in the computer lab by 8:30. Terrie will be giving you more information on student laptops later and how she wants you to label your teacher laptops, but for now, just be planning by saving everything! We will work to make this as easy as possible.

Meet the Teacher: Track One

Make sure your supply lists are up and that wish lists are clearly identified as such.

3-5 will have session one at 5:15, session two at 6:00

K-2 is floating from 5:15-6:45

Parents may join the PTA in the lobby. A membership enters them for the chance to win a Willow Springs carpool pass, which allows the holder to be first in line!

Retirement Celebration - June 2

Willow Springs is losing the daily presence of two of the loveliest ladies alive! We will certainly miss Donna and Carolyn, though hopefully their positivity will live within us forever. Please remember to join us to show our gratitude for their many years of dedication to the students, staff, and parents at Willow Springs on June 2 after school.


May 30 -Christy Bethel

June 2 - Jen Matthews

Missing a blackish tool box

If you have seen a tool box anywhere that is out of place, please let us know. It is actually a learning unit of Mary McKinney's, and we are afraid someone may have picked it up accidentally thinking it was left by a workman or something. Thanks!