Brave Boys of Old Fort Ticonderoga

Christmas Eve

One cold evening, two brothers Ben and David were called by there mom and were asked to go and get a nice Christmas tree for there sister. The boys were delighted to go and get a tree for there nice sister. On the way, Ben saw a nice White tailed deer just standing there and Ben took advantage and tried to shoot it, but missed. "There goes our dinner.' says Ben. They got there tree and hualed it back to the house. When back, they ate dinner and went off to bed and a knocking sound came from outside their door. It turned out to be just their Uncle. Boy were they glad to see him. He brought two bags and gave each one to Ben and one to David. The two boys were speechless when they recived their presents. Two new Kentucky Rifles. The next day, the boys jumped out of bed and were eager to try out the new rifles. Their uncle gave them a challenge and the boys passed each challenged.


the last Kill

When the boys leave the fort, they run into their sister, and tell her that she can come with them and stay close. A few minutes later, they hear a noise, almost a noise made by the Indians. Several Indians came from the woods and grabbed ahold of Ben, David, and Cassie. The indian holding Ben, did not know what was coming. Ben, took a low blow to the indians knee and he dropped and tried to rescue his brother and sister. But there was to many of them and they go caught again and this time, brought back to the tribe. When they reached the tribe, the cheif says that they will die. But not after when their friend that they saved from the rock came by, and told the rest of the tribe that these boys saved my life and that they should be welcomed into the tribe. The rest of the Indians agreed and there for, Ben and David were now apart of the Tribe. A few weeks later, they hear that the British have conqered the fort and that the boys needed to get back. They thanked the indians for everything and started to sail back to the fort. When they reached the fort, they saw how many British soiders were above the fort. When they reached the top, they saw there dad in the middle of the feild and that they needed to go and rescue him. They got down to the feild, and dragged their dad to saftey, luckly, their dad was alright, and told them that they needed to help the Private get all the wounded soilders back to safe. While they did that a British soilder came from behind their dad and Ben saw and pulled out his rifle and shot the last shell at the soilder and the soilder went down.

Garrett Swift


Defualt- Fail to repay your loan

Bankruptcy- in debt to pay the bank

loan- givin money from the bank

discharge- to dis charge your loan

swiftly- to move quckly

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