Privately Owned Child Care Centers

Brittany Ruckel & Taylor Houston

Licensing standards

Various aspects of regulated operations are evaluated for compliance with the minimum standards, rules, and law during regular inspections. The emphasis on these inspections is to prevent risk to children in care. All operations are designated a monitoring frequency based on their compliance history.A deficiency is any failure to comply with a standard, rule, law, specific term of the permit or condition of evaluation, probation, or suspension. During any inspection, if licensing staff find that the operation does not meet minimum standards, rule, or law, the areas of deficiency are discussed with appropriate operation employees and caregivers. Technical assistance and consultation on the problem areas are provided. Operation employees and caregivers are given the opportunity to discuss disagreements and concerns with licensing staff. If the concerns are not resolved, the operation may request an administrative review.


  • child care provider must provide safe toys for the children to play with
  • 1 hour nap time
  • snacks
  • educational games


  • safer
  • more child care providers for each child
  • less children
  • more attention
  • reliable


  • not exposed to as many children
  • expensive
  • strict pick up and drop off times

Family best served by this type of child care

Parents that both work with one or more children that are in need of a caregiver during the day