USA and Canada

By: Michael B

Brothers in all but Blood

Since the 1750's people have been moving between the United States and Canada. They have been allies for many years, and are one of each others greatest trading partner. They get along so well, that if they were human, one could consider them siblings.


One of the ways that the USA and Canada are connected is through their economy. Both allow open trade between the other. They are also one of the others best consumers. Most of the USA's petroleum, 30%, comes from Canada. Canada imports a lot of energy resources to the USA, estimated at about $23 billion. On average, there is about $1.6 billion of bilateral trade. This open trade is so important that without it, over 8 million jobs would be lost
For the most part, the USA invests in materials and Canada invests in services. They are considered to have the closest energy relationship in the world.
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Because there is open trade, it is to be expected that the societies of the two countries get along, and share many aspects. For example, a great number of people speak English, and most citizen are christian. Both have European roots and share many cultural similarities, such as music. During the American Revolution, many loyalists migrated to Canada, bringing cultures and customs from the thirteen colonies.
Both Canada and the US have had social influences on each other, so their societies are very similar.
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Both Canada and the USA practice federalism and have a constitution. However, Canada is run by a Prime Minister and have a king/queen. The USA is led by a President and is a republic.Thanks to the close relations between the two countries, and the similarities, many political agreements have come about, such as the North America Free Trade Agreement. (NAFTA)
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Bringing it All Together

So what's the point in all this? Not many countries are alike, so it is important to see how similar counties get along. The USA and Canada are similar socially, economically, and politically. The two countries get along well, and have a very good relation with the other. This information could be used to see if someone would make a good ally, the most similar country would be the best ally, based off this information.

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