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A Peek at the Week

Our Focus: Health and nutrition will be the focus for this week. We will be discussing the importance of taking care of ourselves and dental hygiene.

Weekly Skills: Identify the number of syllables in words, rhyming words, isolate beginning, middle and ending sounds, substitute individual sounds in simple words to make new words, popcorn words.

Popcorn Words: do, look

Math: write numbers to 31, simple addition and subtraction, compose and decompose numbers 11-19.

Help at Home

Have your child….

*Practice forming letters and numbers correctly

*Write his/her first and last name using a capitol letter at the beginning and lowercase throughout the rest

*Practice reading and writing the following popcorn words: (it, is, I, like, and, you, of, are, in, he, on, she, for, the, to, a, my, was, with, at, this, or, that, as, had, be, they, his, from, by)

*Practice rhyming words

*Practice 3 letter words (consonant, vowel, consonant)

*Practice writing complete sentences. The sentence should include a capitol letter at the beginning, finger spaces and correct punctuation.

*Read to and with your child

*Practice finding ways to make 10

*Practice counting from 1-100 by 1's and 10's

*Practice counting on from any given number

*Practice writing numbers 1-31

Important Dates

3.10 End of 3 Quarter
3.16-3.20 Spring Break
3.27 Report Cards go home
3.31 STEAM enrollment closes

Specials Schedule

3.9 Art
3.10 Art/P.E. PLC
3.11 Music
3.12 Art
3.13 P.E.

Have a great week! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Redfern :)


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