Manuel Noriega

By Alex Mullen

Manuel Noriega Biography

Manuel Noriega was born in a poor section of Panama City, Panama in 1934. He was given up for adoption at the age of Five. He wanted to become a doctor originally but his family could not afford to send him to medical school. After graduating college he joined the national guard as a sublieutenant. Noriega helped Omar Torrijos overthrow the government and was his right hand man. Noriega was an ally of the U.S.A and helped them get crewman from cuba that we're captured. Noriega at the time was involved in drug trafficking at the time as well. In 1981 Torrijos died and there was a two year struggle for power that was won by Noriega. He was the most powerful man in the country and chose used puppet presidents to control the government. In 1987 Noriega was suspected of gun trafficking, murder, torture, and many other crimes and the people wanted him out of power. He was under much criticism and did everything he could to stay in power but he ended up being thrown out of power and arrested in 1990 after the U.S.A got involved Noriega many crimes led to him being locked up for a 40 year sentence where he is still in Jail today.
Tyrants and Dictators - Manuel Noriega (MILITARY HISTORY DOCUMENTARY)

Video Analysis

This video shows a lot about Manuel Noriega, it details who he was a leader and as a person. It shows how he rose to power, how he maintained his power, and how he lost it all. It shows about his ruthlessness while he was in power and about his drug trafficking and how the United States of America had to step in to get rid of his corrupt rule.

Letter about Manuel Noriega

Dear Juan,

Panama is a very troubling place to live ever since you left, after Torrijos died, Manuel Noriega is now in charge of the country and he is a very ruthless man. He is rigging the elections so that who ever he supports wins and he is killing many of his political adversaries. Some people have spoke out against him but they have been torture or even killed everyone is scared. If they find this letter even I may be imprisoned for what I am saying. I've heard he is involved in drug and gun trafficking and that the U.S.A is soon to get involved hopefully this horrible man will no longer be in power and Panama can be become a safe place to live without oppression.

From your friend,


Essential Question

How does Noriega's ruthlessness compare to that of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao?