Berrien Springs Band News

Game reminder 8/31

It's Gameday!

Band room opens at 5pm

Call time is 6pm

Rehearsal is 6 to 6:30pm

Line up at 6:30pm

March out at 6:40pm

Performance at 6:45pm

After the National Anthem, students who need to leave for religious services are dismissed. They must be picked up from the band room by 7:30pm. The band room will be locked at 7:30.

We will not have apples or snacks available for this game. If students would like to eat, they will have the 3rd quarter off to purchase food from the concession stand. Students are not permitted to leave the stadium for food/beverages.

Students must consume all food and non-water drinks away from the instruments. Parents, please do not bring your student food in the stands. They will not be able to have it until the 3rd quarter. Thank you for your help in keeping our instruments safe.

Students can be picked up from the band room following the game. The band room will close 30 minutes after the game ends.

If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Rosselit via email: