Josephine Baker

dancer of the 1920's

Biography and Impact of Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was one of the most popular dancers in the 1920's. She performed in a Broadway show in New York called "Shuffle Along". When she went on stage for the show she began dancing way different than what was rehearsed. She mocked the chorus line and showed that dance was more important than just a few steps that were used over and over again. From the beginning, Josephine was an independent women. At the age of 13, she left home and became a waitress. She began traveling to different places around the United States with different shows. She then decided to join a chorus in Harlem. A producer, Caroline Dudley really liked Josephine and brought her to France to sing in a group she organized. From that point on, Baker was known as the "glamorous Josephine", the toast of France. Josephine impacted the world. She showed that she danced with passion and inspired others to do the same.
Josephine Baker, Zouzou, Dances With Her Shadow

Video Question

1. How do you think the style of dance from when Josephine was dancing to now has changed?