12 Days of Stella!

This is my favorite time of year....

Welcome to the 12 Days of Stella!

For the next 2 days, look for an email with a daily challenge! Complete the challenge and enter to win on our Facebook wall. There will be one winner per day! Ready, Set, Go!

Day Nine Winner!

Amanda Shaw is the winner of yesterday's challenge to book a show for January! So excited for her to go into her holidays knowing she has trunk shows on the books for 2013! I'm sending Amanda the "Coaching Words to Say" CD as her prize!

Day Ten Challenge:

The Group Hello.....

Don't stop reading here because you see "Group Hello" and think eek! No thanks!! The question of the day is, DO YOU DO A GROUP HELLO??


Answer these questions on our team facebook page. Be honest!!

1. Do you regularly do a group hello at your trunk shows?

- if YES, please share how/if they have helped you manage your trunk shows, increase sales, sponsor, etc.

- if NO, please share why. Are you nervous to speak in front of a group? Don't know what to say? Doesn't feel right?

THAT'S IT!! Just one post on the Dixie Dazzlers Team FB Page!!!

Post a ♥ on our Facebook wall. (do this by typing <3)

Answer the 2 questions above on our wall

There will be 1 draw per day! 24 hours to complete.