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Speaker Make Up Video(s)

Unfortunately, recording this speaker was not possible. So if we excused you, you can make up the speaker by watching this video or 1 hour of this one instead!


SENIORS.... you know the deal. We still need your photos - if you want to see you and your friends in the slideshow, you have to send in photos! If not, we might take to Facebook.... You've been warned. Please pick a couple pics and send them to

When are service hours due?

....the 22nd! Get 'er done.

Not sure how many hours you've completed? PLP senior Juan Vallejo created an awesome web app to calculate how many hours you've logged on CNU Engage! (*This is not a substitute for logging hours through CNU Engage)

Here's how it works:

  1. Log into to CNU Engage and go to your submitted hours.
  2. Download the Excel document of your hours using the tiny excel icon in the top left corner.
  3. Go to and upload your excel file.
  4. DONE! Bask in the glory of this creation. Thanks so much Juan!
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Service Opportunities:

Opportunity on Saturday, April 16th:

  • The Peninsula SPCA's Fur Ball is happening on the 16th from 5pm to midnight! This annual event is an opportunity to support the SPCA, and there are lots of different volunteer duties available. Sign up here, and remember that all volunteers need to be in business professional clothing!

Opportunities on Sunday, April 24th:

  • The Newport News Green Foundation has been chosen as one of the non-profit sponsors for the 2016 Color Me Rad in City Center. Sign up here if you are interested in volunteering, and make sure to indicate that you're a Green Foundation volunteer! Limited spots available.
  • The Banks family is looking for volunteers to help with a 4-5 hour event in Gloucester. Duties typically involve serving and clearing plates and pouring beverages, but no wait-staff experience is necessary. There are only two spots left, so make sure to email Steph at by April 18th to RSVP!

Check out the Engagement Opportunities document for more information about upcoming events. If you know of another qualifying event you'd like advertised, fill out a Service Submission Form at least two weeks before the day of the event!

Earth Day Service Opportunity

In recognition and support of Earth Day, The CNU Office of Sustainability and the CNU Grounds Department are partnering to host a clean up event for Lake Maury! Lake Maury is 5 minutes away from CNU and is 165-acre lake owned by the Mariner's Museum. On April 22nd (Earth Day!) from 1-3pm, join us in collecting trash and sorting recycling along the banks of the lake! Sign up here to volunteer - time spent helping with this clean-up can be pre-logged to count towards your PLP hours! Please contact with any questions.

Please note that Student Assembly and the CNU Office of Sustainability are also coordinating Spring Fest Recycling - while an awesome endeavor and we encourage you all to participate, this recycling event does not count towards your service hours!

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Freshmen - Juniors: THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO FINISH YOUR 4 PASSPORTS! Don't forget to write down which ones you attended so you can mark them in the End-of-the-Year Report!

  • CCP: Internships 101
  • Why History matters: The Birth of a Nation
  • CCP: Finding a Major or Career
  • PLP Passport - When the Rubber Meets the Road
  • "I Don't Want to Shoot them, But What Can I Do?"
  • Macbeth
  • Cultural Intelligence Workshop
  • Slice of Business Life - UPS
  • Why Beauty Matters - Not Just in Art but in Politics and Society
  • IHS Economic Way of Thinking Lecture
  • Bodyheart with Amber Kryzs

For a spreadsheet version of current passports, click HERE.
Click here for the PLP Passport Calendar

To view a full calendar of approved Passport Destinations, click the button above. Then you can copy events you'd like to attend to your calendar.

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It's that time of year again, y'all

(the end of the year)

Which means End of the Year Reports are due! If you haven't filled yours out yet, use this link to complete the Google form by 5 pm April 22nd.

*We ask that you take your time filling out the report and complete it on a laptop or desktop using your CNU email account to prevent inaccuracies. Historically, mobile devices have not always registered accurately and we want you to receive the correct credit for filling out the form*


T minus 9 days until your last PLP end of the year deadline. Crazy right?? Make sure you are on track to complete the program and be on the lookout for more information about Senior Celebration coming soon. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out to a staff member ASAP!

Juniors and Sophomores and Freshmen, oh my!

By now you should have all had your Success Meetings with your assigned Staff Guide. (If you haven't then contact your PLP Staff Guide ASAP)

Portfolio submissions for all 3 classes are due by April 22nd. Questions, comments, concerns, and/or recipes should be directed to your Staff Guide.

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