Week 8 , Term 4 2020

Tauranga Primary School Newsletter

Principal's Message

Tēnā koutou katoa

Ngā mihi nui, ki a koutou katoa - Warm greetings to you all.

Next Tuesday our learners will have the opportunity to meet their 2021 teacher(s) and view their new class. A small note will come home introducing your child's teacher for 2021.

There will be a mix of excitement and anxiety if your child is moving class. It is quite normal for anyone to feel anxious when transitioning into an unfamiliar setting. You can help this transition by speaking positively about the new class and teacher with your child/ren. Frame it as an exciting event that is all part of growing up, coping with change and making the most of new opportunities. We cannot place every child exactly where they might like to be, and your encouragement will reassure them that next year will be another great year with a new teacher, new friends and that they do have the skills to cope, learn and grow with this change. Our learners get the chance to work together at different times and established friendships from 2020 will also continue in the playground, sport teams, play dates etc.

Please be aware that while the classes are set at this stage, any unexpected changes in student numbers, or personnel changes over the holidays, could mean we need to alter classes and/or teacher placements. This is a rare occurrence but it can happen and we reserve the right to move children if we need to.

Whole school upcoming events:

  • 4th December - Pizza Lunch - optional FOTS fundraising event. Order via the School Shop $2 for one slice and $3 for two slices.
  • 7th December 11:00am - School Awards Assembly @ Memorial Hall (QEII) Class awards presented to Year 1-5 students. Parents of children receiving awards will be contacted. Everyone is welcome to attend.
  • 8th December 9:30am - Year 6 Leavers Assembly @ Memorial Hall (QEII) Celebrating our Year 6 learners. Parents of children receiving awards will be contacted. Everyone is welcome to attend - it is a special event for all Year 6 learners.
  • 8th December - Children will meet their new teacher for 2021. Notes will come home introducing your child's 2021 teacher.
  • 11th December - Frosty Friday
  • 14th December - last day - school closes at 12:00pm. Please make arrangements to collect your child at this time.

  • 4th February - first day 2021

It's a very busy time of year, and it is generally around this time that children can show signs of tiredness, anxiety and stress through their behaviour.

Some tried and true strategies to assist children cope are:

  • Visual diary (no surprises) - keep a calendar of events coming up on the fridge and talk children through the week ahead, and each day before it happens. Preload them, talk through any anxiety or concerns they might have - make a plan if needed.
  • Keep up with bedtime routines on weekdays, children need 10-12 hours daily. Sleep and a healthy diet contribute greatly to general well being. If they are feeling hot at bedtime, maybe a quick cool shower before bed could help, or a cold flannel over the forehead and eyes. If their room is bright - pin up extra coverings over windows or invest in blackout curtains.
  • Reduce screen time - especially before bedtime. Electronic back lit devices such as phones, tablets and computers emit blue light, which has been shown to reduce or delay the natural production of melatonin in the evening and decrease feelings of sleepiness.
  • Slow things down at home - keep it calm and routined as much as possible. Make time to talk and hear about their day, or listen to their questions about the next day ahead.
  • Encourage your children to use mindfulness strategies. Find a relaxing space and take at least 5 long slow breaths (in the nose and out the mouth). This could be done in bed together after a story, it is a very good transition into sleep.
  • Remain calm - when you are stressed or upset how do you act? Your children will watch and copy these behaviours. We are all only human and we all make mistakes ......if you aren't happy with how you responded to a situation with your children, tell them that you made a mistake, explain how you wish you had responded, and what you are going to do now to improve things.
  • If your child(ren) are exhausted, they might need a rest day at home to manage and cope positively with the rest of the week. You know your child best, what they are capable of and what they need to set them up for success at school. Email or ring in their absence as a sick day.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Noho ora mai


Fiona Hawes



Class photos from the production can now be purchased from the school shop $15 each

Class production photo orders will close on Friday 4th December.

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End of year assemblies

There are two end of year assemblies, held at the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre (QEYC)

Cnr Devonport Rd and 11th Ave, Tauranga.

Monday 7th December at 11:00 am is the the awards assembly for Years 1-5. At this assembly we will also present the Kapa Haka leader awards and announce the 2021 House Leaders.

Tuesday 8th December at 9:30 am is the Year 6 Leavers' assembly. Leavers certificates and our special Year 6 awards will also be presented. There will be a Year 6 photo opportunity after the assembly. (Year 6 class awards will be given out at this assembly, so that Year 6 parents do not need to attend both assemblies, unless they have siblings or love our assemblies!)

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FOTS (Friends of the School)

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    • 30th November - 4th December - Travel Safe week
    • 1st December - NETTS (New Entrant Transition to School) Parent meeting - 6:00pm
    • 1st December - BOT meeting - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    • 4th December - FOTS Pizza Lunch
    • 7th December - School Awards Assembly - 11:00am -12:00pm
    • 7th December - Year 6 Leavers Social Dance - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    • 8th December - Year 6 Leavers Assembly - 9:30am
    • 9th December - Y3 & 4 @ Memorial Park
    • 9th - 11th December - Year 6 Camp Totara Springs
    • 10th December - Junior School trip to the Mount
    • 10th and 11th December - Year 5 Discovery Days
    • 11th December - FOTS Frosty Friday 3:00pm
    • 14th December - Last day for school instruction 2020 (School finishes at 12:00 noon)
    • 15th December - Teacher Only Day


  • 2nd and 3rd February - School office will be open for enquiries and uniform purchases
9:30 am - 2:00 pm
  • 4th February - first day of term 1, 2021
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Sport with Jo

Sports Newsletter week 8 T4 2020

With the end of the school year fast approaching, so is the end of our summer sports leagues. We had over 100 TPS kids representing our school this term on a variety of sports fields, and with that we require many committed adults to help coach, manage and Uber drive the kids to all of the games. Thank you to everyone who pitched in with our TPS sports teams this term, we truly appreciate your support.

The final playing dates for the summer sports leagues are as follows:

  • Kiwi Volleyball – Friday 11th December

  • Cricket – Saturday 12th December

  • Fast Football – Tuesday 8th December

  • Flippaball – Tuesday 8th December

  • Rippa Rugby and RIP Rugby – Thursday 3rd December

Unfortunately, the weather was never on our side when it came to senior athletics this term, and both the South Cluster and WBOP events were cancelled. However, the sun shone beautifully for both our junior and middle athletics days which were held at school. The juniors had an enjoyable day participating in events such as sack races, leaky sponges and chicken throwing. The middle school athletics day was more competitive with traditional events and the following learners were awarded certificates for their exceptional performances on the day.

Overall Top Athlete

Y4 Girls

1st – Jorja Donaldson

2nd – Ataahua Timoti

3rd – Isobelle Llewellyn-Evans

Y4 Boys

1st – William Haycock

2nd – Tyson Rolls

3rd – Dylan Gundersen

Y3 Girls

1st – Ayla Gould

2nd – Anika Theron

3rd – Annie King

Y3 Boys

1st – Tristan McLachlan

2nd – Oliver Preston

3rd – Elliot Deckers

Outstanding Athletic Performance:

Tessa Baxter, Cassie Tallon, Reid Dempster Rivett-McLennan, Timothy Cresswell, Ryder Harington and Amelia Hill

Team Player Awards

Boston Brott, Ali O’Neill and Ava Goodhue

Some of our TPS rugby players had a blast playing rippa rugby as part of the curtain raiser at the latest BOP Steamers Rugby Game at the Tauranga Domain last weekend. They got to play on the main field in front of all of our local rugby fans. What an experience!


Henry Hyett recently played in the WBOP Year 6 cricket team at a tournament in Taupo. Henry voluntarily retired on 25 runs in one of the games, and was traditionally honoured by his team as he exited the field.

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Rippa Rugby

Attached are two photos

The kids were awesome and did so well

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Kelly Sports

This summer holiday Kelly Sports is bringing back 'Have a Go' sessions in cricket and football for our holiday programmes.
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