Neal Shusterman

short summary

The book tells the story of a futuristic America in which three teenagers that runaway from being unwound. Unwininding is when bodies are harvested for organ donation in order to give others the opportunity for a better quality of life.

UNWIND - Short Film


Unwinding began after the second American revolution that involved abortion the groups were por-choice and pro-life. A compromise was reach between the two, where parents could sign a order for their child between the ages of 13-18 to be unwound. This way life never ended because organs would be harvested and kept "alive" but at the same time leaving parents with a choice.

the crash!!

The massive car crash is one of the biggest events during the book because it brought all three of them together not only that but it made Connor a celebrity after he shot a cop with his own tranquilizer gun. After that the trio enter a school they get separated and Levi almost turns them in, but Risa and Connor trigger the fire alarm before police can get their hands on them. Connor and Risa are later rescued by a woman that promises to take them somewhere safe until they turn eighteen, ironically the couple find there biggest enemy, Ronald.

the graveyard

The plane graveyard is a place ran by an ex-military man that unwound his only son; his regret made him start an undercover home for awol unwinds. In this place Ronald starts plotting against the general because he feels wants to take complete control. Ronald’s is suspicious of the General because kids that are promoted to higher jobs are never seen again but the General finds homes for those kids with parents willing to accept an awol kid. Ronald manages to gather enough followers to over through the general Connor and Risa intervene but because of the disruption, police discovers the graveyard. Ironically the police had known for years about the graveyard but decided to do nothing about it because it was better for the awols to be there then roaming the streets; unfortunately Connor, Risa, and Ronald are taken to a Harvest Camps to be unwound.