Extravagant life of Thomas Hooker

By: Thomas Hooker

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Thomas Hooker was a important Pilgrim colonial leader, who founded the colony of Connecticut after dissenting with Pilgrim leaders in Massachusetts. He was known as an outstanding speaker and a leader of Christian suffrage. Called today “the Father of Connecticut,”. Thomas Hooker took a very large role in the creation of the Connecticut Colony. He was one of the great preachers of his time, an outstanding writer on Christian subjects, the first minister of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and one of the first settlers and founders of both the city of Hartford and the state of Connecticut.

He was also largely known for by many as the inspiration for the “Fundamental Orders of Connecticut,” which was the first written democratic constitution that established a representative government. It marked the start of American democracy. Now he wasn't just one of 50 some people that signed it but he was the head person in charge of this document. So Thomas Hooker deserves all the attention when it comes to who created the first government.

Most likely being from the area of Leicestershire, in the East Midlands region. The rest of the Hooker family were greatly known, atleast from the times of Henry VIII (which was one of the former kings of england). Thomas Hooker was likely born at Marefield or Birstall, Leicestershire, and went to school at Market Bosworth. He received his Bachelors of Arts from Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1608. He kept studying there to earn his Masters Degree.

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Thomas Hooker was a Puritan clergyman in the American colonies, The Founder of Hartford Connecticut, Leicestershire, England. A clergyman, he was summoned to come to court but he left and fled too Holland. In 1633, Hooker immigrated to Massachusetts, where he was pastor at Newtown. He had a dispute with John Cotton and apparently was discontented with the strict theological rule in Massachusetts. After a group of settlers had been sent ahead in 1635, he and many of his flock moved in 1636 to found Hartford, where he was pastor until he died. Hooker was one of the drafters of the Fundamental Orders, under which Connecticut was long governed and which represent his political views. He also gave a plan for the New England Confederation.

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"This Book Was Amazing. Thomas Hooker was an outstanding man who tried to get independence from the Puritans sects in Massachusetts. In order to do that he and his followers set up the first major colonies in Hartford Connecticut. There he created the "Fundamental orders of Connecticut" which was they're established system of government, which set them apart from Massachusetts which i thought was great that they included in the book." -James Jones

"Can i just say that this writer nailed it. He included tons of great information to learn about the history of Thomas Hooker. I like how the writer included what Thomas Hooker didn't like at the church that forced him to leave." -Frank Martin

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