GVES Weekly Announcements

May 1, 2020

Principals' Message

Happy Friday GVES families!

We hosted our first-ever live webinar as we recognized some third-grade friends reaching their #jaguarmax in Leadership and Perseverance. We will continue to pop into class zooms to give shout outs for our fourth and fifth-grade Jaguarmax nominees. Next week we look forward to Teacher and Staff Appreciation week. We are thankful for their continuous hard work.

Thank you all for your continuous support and care at home for your children. We miss them and enjoy seeing their smiling faces via zoom and seesaw posts.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Conley

Field Trip $ REFUNDS

All 3rd and 5th grade field trip money will be returned in the form it was issued in student supply bags on June 8th and 9th.

5th grade promotion

Dear 5th Grade Families,

Save the date! We would like to invite all 5th grade families to attend the 5th Grade Promotion Assembly via webinar on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. as we recognize students for their accomplishments and wish them well as they officially become the class of 2027.

A link to access the assembly will be shared through alma a day prior to the event. All certificates will be emailed home after the assembly.

We look forward to sharing this event with our students, families, and staff.

5th Grade Play

Mrs. Bock and Mr. Murray have really enjoyed working with this group of students, and appreciate all of the support and commitment families have shown to the experience. We were hoping things might evolve and allow a live performance, alas we have come to the hard reality this is not possible. The students have worked so hard we would still like to provide a virtual opportunity for them. Mrs. Bock and Mr. Murray created a Seesaw activity for students to video themselves singing the two finale songs. Mr. Murray will create a video to highlight the singing from each student that participates and create a montage of the songs and photos from rehearsals throughout the year. Students will receive their T Shirts when they collect their belongings in June. We also plan to invite this year’s cast members to help kick off next year’s musical in the fall. We thank everyone for all the Frozen Jr. memories!


Garnet Valley School District is committed to the academic, social, and emotional learning of our students. Through our online learning platforms, teachers are providing qualitative feedback regularly to students on the work they complete. We know students, parents, and teachers are working hard as they engage in and provide a supportive online learning environment. Yet during this unprecedented time, we understand that stress, differences in resources, and the varying online learning readiness of our children all impact student performance. Given the impact of these factors, while also choosing to support a child’s learning, not performance, grades at the elementary level would not be an accurate measure of competency at this time and will not be issued on the standardized progress report. On the progress report, the feature N/A is indicative that skills cannot be accurately measured at this time and are instead being addressed through the direct feedback provided by your child’s teachers in Seesaw and Schoology. As we move forward with the academic year, students will be expected to complete weekly assignments and teachers will continue to provide supportive, qualitative feedback through the online learning platforms. At the close of the third trimester, you will have the ability to download a .zip archive of your child’s Seesaw journal or will have access to your child’s course(s) in Schoology.


GVES SN Spring 2020 Episode 4

Message from Dr. Bertrando 5/1/20

If you haven't already, please see this important information from Dr. Bertrando. https://docs.google.com/document/d/16sXl8pQFURSqO0RPoABKX5tINOGccXEPo9miGgfZFDI/edit?usp=sharing


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Online ordering of your yearbooks has been activated. Your student families can now access www.barksdalephoto.com to place their order using the access code: 08050YB


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HSA Update


Our GVES staff has been ZOOMing into action to enrich our children's lives. Staff Appreciation Week 2020 begins on May 4. Here's how you and your child can let the staff know how much they are appreciated (See Attachments for more details):

  • Have your child write the staff a note (feel free to use the attached template) letting them know how much your child appreciates them. Feel free to personalize it further by coloring it or drawing a picture.
  • Take a picture of your child/family holding a sign expressing appreciation to the staff.
  • Creativity is encouraged! Paint a picture, chalk on the driveway, make words out of playdough or legos. (Don’t forget to sign your masterpiece.)
  • Family participation is encouraged!!! Parents-the teachers would love notes and pictures from us as well!
  • Feel free to do any or all these ideas. Take a picture of anything you do and email it to Mrs. Smith at smithk@garnetvalley.org. She will be compiling everything into a video slide show for the staff of GVES. This includes homeroom teachers, special area teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, cafeteria staff, nurse, guidance, and administration.
  • Everything must be sent to Mrs. Smith by Saturday, May 2 by email at smithk@garnetvalley.org!!
  • During the week of May 4th send a staff member a virtual cupcake. Any staff member sent a virtual cupcake will receive a real cupcake once restrictions are lifted. Visit https://forms.gle/o9LCsMdTPhyxrP2F7

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at gveshsa@gmail.com

Thank you for your support of the staff and the school!!!

The GVES HSA Board


Online yearbook ordering is open. Simply visit www.barksdalephoto.com. Use order code 08050YB. Since school grounds are closed all yearbooks must be shipped to home. See attached flyer for more information. ALL ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MAY 8!!!!


Get those creative juices flowing! Keep the kids busy and foster their creativity while supporting the school. The entire family can participate! This is a great time to create family collaboration art pieces.

It's easy.

1. Visit http://www.displaymyart.com and print the art paper template (located under "resources"

2. Create your masterpiece (FREE art projects are available on http://www.displaymyart.com)

3. Take a picture or scan your art

4. Email your masterpiece along with your order to info@displaymyart.com (they will contact you for payment once the image is processed). Provide them with our school name, teacher, and grade so the school gets the credit.


Just a reminder that our school still collects Box Tops to earn cash for our school! Going forward, there is a new state of the art way to submit your Box Tops. Simply download the Box Tops for Education App on your smart phone, select Garnet Valley Elementary School, and scan your receipts! The GVE HSA thanks you for your support!

Garnet Valley CTC Quick Tip #33 – Vulnerability’s Upside

Did you know? According to the CDC the current pandemic and quarantine can create greater social and emotional vulnerability in children and teens. Over the past three years an average of 25% of Garnet Valley secondary students in 6th, 8th,10th, and 12th grade were already experiencing sadness most days, 27% felt they were no good at all, and 10% were using self-harm to cope. Is there an upside to greater vulnerability during the pandemic?

Call to action… If anyone can find the upside, it’s Brene¢ Brown, a social and emotional researcher. Brene¢ reports that checking in with each member of the family and asking for the word that describes how they are feeling is crucial during difficult times. Children and teen’s past social and emotional issues, immature behavior, and harmful habits can come back when they are stressed and vulnerable. Saying the word that names their feeling out loud helps them to “walk through the emotion” and not be “taken down by it,” states Brown. Brown sees times of vulnerability like the current pandemic, “to be the only path to courage.” Though Brown acknowledges how hard this pandemic is, she sees the potential to make positive changes in tough times. Click on the links below to learn more.

Brene¢ Brown on the Today show


Brene¢ Brown on 60 minutes.


CDC – Social and Emotional Effects of Covid-19


Click the Seesaw or Schoology image to check for service interruptions

Tech Support Link

additional learning resources


Attendance will be reported on a weekly basis. A student in grades K-5 will be considered present when a completed parental verification of attendance is received. The form will be emailed on Mondays following the week of instruction.

If you do not complete the attendance form by Wednesday you will receive a reminder email from Mrs. Centone or Mrs. Smith with the form attached again. If you would like to verify your child's attendance it will be current/accurate on ALMA Thursday of each week.

Our secretary Mrs. Centone will keep track of attendance. If you have any questions, please email her for clarification. tcentone@garnetvalley.org


The Parent Portal on our district website provides important information to help parents.navigate the GV school experience. Below is the link to the parent portal:


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