M-Powerment Strategy #9

Students Skilled for Success (4Cs)

MMS Media & Tech Team: Allison Long, Felicia Davis, Elizabeth Stapleton, and Gilson Siegel

M-Powerment Strategy #9 Highlight:

Students routinely choose, critically analyze and evaluate resources, collaborate with peers, and communicate their ideas in creative ways.

21st Century Skills: The 4Cs
What are the 4Cs?

Instructional Strategy: Collaborative Groups

Develop strong collaborative groups in your classrooms. The smaller the group the better the collaboration. Try using these roles for student collaborative groups, or tweak to fit your classroom setting or lesson.

Collaborative Group Roles

Instructional Strategy: Choice Boards

Choice Boards Google Folder

Use these ideas and seek out the Superpowers for additional help designing choice boards for your classroom.

Instructional Tool Highlight: NCWiseOwl

From the NCWiseOwl Wiki:

NCWiseOwl (NC Windows for Online Learning) has been providing online subscription resources for our schools since 1999. Our mission is to ensure that all public and charter school students have access to a collection of online resources for use in educational pursuits, without regard to the economic status of their local school system. NCWiseOwl has three major strengths as an educational resource:

  • Quality - Information on the Internet at-large is often unreliable and inappropriate for use in the K-12 education field. NCWiseOwl’s subscription databases provide access to articles from thousands of magazines, from online encyclopedias and reference sources, and from a variety of other sources that are only available to paying customers.
  • Economy - By purchasing databases at the state level we are able to achieve an economy-of-scale that saves taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the cost of individual school systems purchasing the same resources.
  • Safety - Using NCWiseOwl for online research places students in a safer, advertising-free environment with age-appropriate information and tools that assist students with the research process.

The Superpowers are looking for YOU!

If you are teaching a lesson or using a strategy that exemplifies the MGSD M-Powerment Strategies in your classroom, please let us know so we can come by and check it out!

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From the CAVE:

Keys To Literacy:

I know that most everyone has been trained in the Top Down Topic Web and the Two Column Notes. We are all teaching our students and modeling these strategies. As we begin to research in all classes using these two strategies can be helpful for our students. I have created two templates for research feel free to copy and edit to meet your classroom needs.

Top Down Topic Web - Research Brainstorming and Outline

Two Column Notes - Research Citation and Notes for each resource.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! feel free to as the CAVE to assist, teach, etc in the research process.

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From Cuz's Desk

Just a reminder that we have a Creation Space and will always try to provide materials that students need to create GREAT projects! Most of you know how much I love an "A". Please send students to see us in the CAVE for help and support!

MMS Instructional Tips

Here are some sample lessons from MGSD educators that were featured during 2017 Summer Connection. These lessons were identified with M9. These lessons can give you great ideas even if you teach a different subject.

Stop Motion Videos: Protein Synthesis


Breakout EDU Sites


Geometry: Flight 1549 Activity


Jazz Talk Show


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From the Help Desk:

Hey everyone! This is your brand new Friendly Neighborhood Help Desk here with just a couple bits of advice for going into the new school year:

First and foremost, please, please, please be using the Google suite and not the Apple suite for your document, presentation, and spreadsheet needs. They’re considerably more reliable, easier to use, they save automatically every time you change anything at all, and it’s much easier to share universally, both within the school and without, if you’re using Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

If you really just cannot stand to part with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, there are some things to be aware of: 1) they can break, freeze, or just plain not open if there is an update or any other hiccup in the systems (both ours and Apples). 2) Before sharing anything with other staff or students, you should export the file to a MS Office compatible document and then import it to the appropriate Google service, so that, once again, it is more universally compatible. Please remember that MGSD as a whole is dedicated to using Google’s suite.

Secondly (and I have many of you to thank for doing this), tickets, tickets, tickets! I cannot have enough tickets! You’ve all been great about submitting tickets if you need me to do anything, which is perfect. Just remember to include as many details as possible after the first little brief description! Also, if you just have a question, no ticket is required, you can simply email me and I’ll answer as quickly as possible. Tickets are necessary for anything that requires me to do work or provide tech. There absolutely needs to be accountability for everything, from delivering a dongle all the way up to rebuilding a laptop.

Thanks, and always remember, with great technology comes great responsibility!

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