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Washington School Newsletter: September 2019

Important School Dates

September 2 - Labor Day No School

September 18 - 11:30 Dismissal 5:00-7:00 Open House

September 25 - 11:30 Dismissal Teacher PD

Festive Fridays

September 6th - MISMATCH DAY!!! Wear the craziest combination you have ever seen.

Mix prints, colors, socks, sneakers, shoes, hair, and jewelry!

Remember: No jeans are allowed. You must pay $1 to participate.



Chronically Absent by grade for the first week of school!

PreK - 29.4%

K - 10.2%

1 - 16.7%

2 - 4.0%

3 - 10.9%

4 - 6.0%

5 - 7.5%

Remember - Your child falls behind when they are not in school!!!! This is the first week of school and the numbers above are alarming!!!!!!

Research shows “Poor attendance in K and 1 can influence whether children read proficiently by the end of third grade or be held back.”

Washington's Ice Cream Social - was a success but we are hoping for more families next year!

Classroom News


ELA: During the month of September we will be testing students on letter naming fluency, and naming the first sound in a word. We have also started our foundations program which teaches students the individual letters and their corresponding sounds. Please practice with your child at home.

Math: During the month of September we will be testing students on counting from 1-100, naming 2D and 3D shapes and sorting them, and writing numbers neatly. Please practice with your children at home. Thank you!

1st Grade

ELA:First grade has started our wonder's unit. We are talking about "What we do at school." Student's are working on conversations with one another and sharing many different things that we do/learn at school. Student's are also working on identifying key details in a text.

Math: Student's have started basic addition and many different strategies that can be used to solve a given equation. They are also learning how to count on from the bigger number.

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2nd Grade

ELA: We started off the school year right away with Wonders. The theme for the first week is "how friends depend on each other". The students are enjoying sharing how they depend on their friends while reading a variety of stories.

Math: The students started off the year learning about how graphs help to communicate data. They have learned about pictographs and bar graphs as well as how to read and interpret them.

We hope to see everyone at Open House!!

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3rd Grade

ELA: We started off the year with our first unit in Wonders which is all about Growing and Learning. We will be reading many stories that teach us about traditions, communities, inventions, and landmarks.

Math: We are beginning the year with a review of 2nd grade skills. In September, we will be introducing multiplication!

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4th Grade

Ms. Carpentieri and Ms. Demers are looking forward to the best year ever with your child! Please be sure to check your child’s purple folder for any important information going home the first few weeks of school and homework assignments that are passed out on Monday and collected Friday!

ELA: We will be kicking off our school year with Unit 1 of Wonders! We will work on making predictions and focus on skills such as: sequencing, problem/solution, cause/effect, compare/contrast, and main idea and details. Our big idea will be how challenges can bring out our best!

Math: 4th grade is the year of new math topics but we will be starting with a review. Place value is our first topic. Please work with your children every night on multiplication facts! We will be using Happy Numbers to practice our math fluency and your child can access it at home on any device.

5th Grade

ELA: We are finishing our first mystery called On the Run while practicing effective reading behaviors. We are also learning about self-regulation and how to use strategies in difficult times to be our best selves!


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Specials Updates

LIBRARY: Hi, my name is Mrs. Cyndi Hansard, and I am your child's new library teacher. I am so excited to get to know your kids and their interests. I am working hard to get all our BRAND NEW BOOKS ready for borrowing. Please ask your child what they want to read this month in library!

Music: Welcome back from Mr Ridgeway to our Washington families. We are beginning the year with music that encourages our students to dream big and look for a bright future.

GYM: Welcome back! Please make sure your child wears sneakers on their gym days!

ART: Our first drawing shows how students solve problems and establish mood in a picture. Students are drawing pictures that show how color changes the mood and feeling of a picture. Younger students are exploring using color in different ways. If there are any questions, please send me an email at

Committee News

PTO: We will be looking for parents to join our PTO for the 2019-20 school year. Please be on the lookout for upcoming notifications

CLASS DOJO: Please connect to Class Dojo as that is where we put all of our announcements. You will receive information regarding school closings as well as late openings and early dismissals. PLEASE LOOK AT DOJO AND DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL ON INCLEMENT WEATHER DAYS.

Students need to achieve 90% or better on Class Dojo in order to participate in the monthly reward. The monthly reward for September is Extra Recess. We encourage students to be safe, respectful and responsible in all areas of our school. Thank you for your support!

Math and Reading Updates

Reading: Our mCLASS/DIBELS 8 testing is now complete! Congratulations to all the students who met their benchmark goals! Teacher and students are hard at work in small groups to help all of our students become successful readers! Look out for the Home Connect Letter, coming home with report cards.

Math: Students have completed their I-Ready diagnostic testing in grades 2-5 and CFA1 in grades K and 1. Remember your children have access to Happy Numbers (grades K & 1) and I-Ready at home to utilize to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. We are working hard on developing efficient, hard-working mathematicians. Click on the links below to access I-Ready and Happy Numbers at home!


Is your son/daughter enjoying reading their books from their very own book bag?? Take a pic and email or DOJO to their teacher!
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Parents, thank you for your support and involvement in your child's education! Have a safe and healthy fall season!