What does it mean?-Aditya R.

What defines a leader?

I think a leader is defined by his/her characteristics. For example, a leader needs to be honest and a good sense of humor. This could motivate the followers a lot, and if they did do something wrong, the leader could say what they did wrong in a funny way, not discouraging them. Some other qualities a leader needs to have include creativity, confidence, commitment, good judgement, intuition, and the ability to inspire. These qualities (and more) make a good and solid leader.

What type of leader am I? And how does my personality affect my style?

Personality tests are extremely good in deciding what type of leader you are. For example, I am an INTJ, who is an introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judicial/justice type person. This type of personality type means I don't gain "energy" in social situations and instead lose "energy". For that major downside, there is a major upside. Introverts usually think a lot more by themselves and pre-plan a lot. This is especially effective in a democratic style of leadership because I usually think of ideas before presenting and this allows for a better "construct" of information. This introverted take on democratic leadership could mean that there is less creativity as ideas are not spontaneous, but it allows for a more focused and (personally) better constructed placement and wording of ideas.

What did you learn about yourself that you can use to grow as a leader?

I learned a lot of things from this study, some of the more surprising facts focused on me being introverted. Even then, I learned a lot about how I talk and write. It was a good idea to self-analyze and see how your own personality is built before reflecting your personality on others. This study also helped me learn how I should present my ideas on others who don't have my same personality type or same style of thinking,