Mariner Minutes

August 20th, 2020

Principal Message

Dear St. Mary School Families,

Thank you for those that provided feedback and questions regarding the school reopening plan! There were some questions that were clarified with the Erie County Health Department and were revised. The reopening plan has been revised with those questions in mind and a section regarding those questions is provided in this newsletter.

As we are approaching the start of the school year, it is important to have all registration documents and emergency contact information completed. If you have not completed your registration forms, please do so through Final Forms. The instructions for Final Forms are attached in the section below. Also, there is an acknowledgment of risk form from the Diocese of Toledo that is required to be signed. Instructions for that document are listed in the section below.

Stated in the reopening plan were the policies regarding temperature and symptoms checks for students prior to coming to school. We are working to implement a system for parents to track those checks in order to provide the school with timely information in the event symptoms are present. Ultimately I implore you as parents to perform that temperature and symptoms checks EVERY morning in order to ensure our students, staff, and families remain safe. If the temperature is 100.0F or higher and/or Covid-19 symptoms are present (symptoms list in the plan) the student, as well as siblings, needs to remain home. Please ensure consistency with following this policy!

Thank you,

George Mitchell

Covid-19 Acknowledgement of Risk

Every family is required to complete this form. Each student in a family is also required to sign this form. If you have questions or need a copy of the form, please email George Mitchell at

Final Forms

If you have not registered with Final Forms, please use the attached directions below to complete that registration process.

St. Mary School 2020-2021 Reopening Plan

Preschool Update

Preschool Families - we are asking you to complete this very short Google Form if you are intending to enroll in either. Preschool Intent Form This intent form will help us finalize reopening plans for the preschool.

I am also in conversation with the Erie County Board of Health to determine the best course of action with face coverings for preschool. I hope to have more information soon.

Lunch Update

Lunch was a frequent topic of questions with the reopening plan and I consulted with the Erie County Board of Health regarding the necessity of brown bag lunches. I was assured that brown bag lunches are NOT required and students may bring their own lunch boxes/bags from home that will be reused. We ask that students only pack lunch items they can open on their own without assistance and no microwaveable foods.

Important! - Transportation Survey

If you have not previously completed the transportation survey, please complete it.

In order to tailor daily school procedures in the midst of this pandemic, it is important for us as a school to know the transportation methods of our students to ensure safe arrival and dismissal procedures can be followed. This information will also help us to work with Vermilion Local Schools to find transportation solutions during the time that VLSD is fully virtual and St. Mary School is continuing in-person instruction. Please take a moment to fill out this survey. Thank you!

Transportation Survey

First Day of School

The first day of school has been pushed back to Tuesday, September 8th. The first day of preschool will be the following week on the 14th. Preschool 4's will begin on the 14th and Preschool 3's will begin on the 15th.

Online Learning Option

St. Mary School is offering an online learning format that will run with the in-person school. Lessons and materials would be provided through Google Classroom daily. A commitment for the first quarter is required. Please contact Mr. Mitchell if interested

I plan to make an announcement next week regarding the schedule and instruction delivery of the St. Mary Online format. Thank you for your patience with this model!

Masks and Hygiene

The Ohio Department of Health issued a mask mandate for all students K-12 for the 2020-2021 school year. St. Mary School will require masks in accordance with the state mandate as well as for the preschool. Parents, please begin to work with your children on wearing masks properly and becoming comfortable wearing them.

Also, please practice proper hygiene as well. Please visit for guidelines.

How to Wear a Mask
What You Need To Know About Handwashing