by mackenzie & jennifer

how do hurricanes started?

Hurricanes can bring significant storm surges Hurricanes can be up to 600miles across and have strong winds spiraling in ward and up war at speeds of 75 to 200 mph.

what time did hurricanes hit Florida

In 2013 a hurricanes hit Florida In North Atlantic .In Florida during the time period resulted in more then Billion dollars in damage. A different hurricane charley hitting Florida near port charlotte as category 4 hurricanes ,the strongest hurricanes is going to hit the U.S.A since hurricanes Andrew.

How are hurricanes formed or created?

1st. Warm ocean water (more than 80 F) provides energy for the hurricanes and cause more evaporation making humid air and clouds

2nd. winds coming together force air upward

3rd. winds flow outward above the storm, allowing the air below to rise

4th. humid air rising makes the clouds of the storm

5th. light winds outside the hurricanes steer it and let it grow


put boards or storm shutters over windows.

Do NOT tape the windows

taping just leaves gunk on your windows, it doesn't protect them