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What does your earring scream about you?

We come across various kinds of earring- studs, danglers, hoofs, teardrop, and cluster, the list just goes on. Each one of them has its own special charm and makes people understand something about us as well. There are some women who would only buy fashionable diamond earrings online as per the latest trend. Whatever earrings that they would pick, actually does the talking about their personality. Let us go ahead and find out, what earrings, talk about us to the one who notices them first!

1. Studs –this is an earring which consists of only one gem, or pearl which sits upon the earlobe and doesn’t dangle down. There are studs that are bigger in size than the normal ones. Studs are classic in nature, associated with decency and elegance. Studs generally go with all types of occasions, be it family function, traditional day or some formal event. It makes your persona looks graceful. Studs also compliment any attired that you attain. It also portrays you as a simple yet graceful personality.

2. Danglers - Dangle earrings are those pieces which dangle below the earlobe. They may be composed of beads, rounds, squares, curved pieces of metal, or die-cut metal designs. Danglers can be bigger or smaller and it depends upon the shape of the face that you have. Danglers has an association with tradition, a kurti paired with a pair of dangler, nothing can make you look better. Wherein danglers, upholds your personality as a traditional one. It also adds that feminine touch also, making people understand that you love to dress up and look presentable.

3. Hoofs – hoofs are the ring shaped, circular earrings that are worn by women. These circular earrings suits bigger sized face mostly. Hoofs are jazzy and stylish in nature. They are available in a wide variety of circumferences and widths. Women wearing hoofs are considered to be jazz and peppy by personality. There are hoofs of metals, plastics, diamond earrings online.

4. Tear drop earrings - eardrop earrings are shaped like a teardrop or a dewdrop. These earrings are generally made from solid gold, silver, or gemstones. They are designed to dangle below the earlobe. Teardrop earrings make your face look calm and sorted. This earring is neither too simple, nor too peppy. Tear drop earrings are the blend of style and simplicity. Same should be the person that is picking it up. Women who opt for tear drop earrings are calm and sorted in nature. They are the blend of style and simplicity balanced.

5. Clusters – clusters are, as the name suggests, clusters are the type of earrings where there is a cluster of gemstones on the earlobe. There are majorly made up of diamond earrings online and are mostly suitable for traditional events, in general, women opting for clusters are jazzy in nature, they love to dress up and make up but in a traditional manner. Clusters are mostly worn by women in late 20s or 30s because that is the point (after marriage) when they mostly prefer traditional outfits and attire.