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Five Senses Week - September 16th - 20th

It will be a busy week at Willson as we explore our five senses!

Sight - We will be making binoculars to explore the great outdoors!

Touch - Textured items will be hidden in bags and we will guess what they are using touch.

Hearing - Plastic eggs will be filled with various items and we will guess what it is by it's sound.

Smell - Kool-aid paint makes awesome scratch and sniff paintings!

Taste - Fun Friday will be all about the sense of taste.

We will also use all 5 of our senses to explore a marshmallow and discuss our observations.

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Five Senses Song | Song for Kids | The Kiboomers

Fun Friday!

We will try to have a fun activity for the whole school every Friday. Information will be posted here, on our Willson Preschool Facebook page, flyers and Class Dojo!

Friday, September 20th is Taste Day! We will give our taste buds a work out and try bitter, sour, sweet and savory foods. For a bitter taste, we'll try kale and the sour food will be lemon. We will have a small piece of chocolate for a sweet food and a salty pretzel for savory. Ask your child about their likes and dislikes of the taste test!

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Family Fun!

The Family Fun section of our digital newsletter will focus on a fun, family activity that reinforces the theme that we are working on in school. It will be a story, a song, or an outdoor activity that everyone can work on together.

Try out this Five Senses scavenger hunt. What a fun way to get outside and engage your five senses. Even older siblings would enjoy this activity!

Take some snapshots or video of your family enjoying this activity and send them through the Willson Preschool Facebook page. We will share your pictures so everyone can see our awesome Willson families!

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September Family Project!

Visit the Crawfordsville District Public Library and celebrate September being Library Card Sign up Month. A library card is free and gives you access to books, videos, magazines, and so much more. Our library also has a lot of fun activities for families. Stop by the circulation desk and sign up for your card and grab a calendar of events. Make sure you bring a piece of mail with your name and Crawfordsville address so they can verify your residency. Check out all that they offer on their website

* There is a note in your child's folder to take to the library. When your child, or you, sign up for a library card they will stamp it. Please return it to school and we will hang them up so everyone can talk about their new library cards! There is still plenty of time left in September to do this family project. If you have misplaced your paper to take to the library, just call the office and we'll be happy to send home a new one!

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Nutrislice App

Download the Nutrislice App so you know what's on the menu at Willson.
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Tuesday, September 24th - The Dentist is coming!

Great news! Our school has partnered with Indiana Dental Outreach…the mobile dentists to offer in-school dental care. CLICK HERE to sign up your child today.

Even better, dental care is usually at no cost to you. All insurance is accepted including Medicaid and Hoosier Healthwise. A low cost self-pay option is available for those without insurance.


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Transportation notes

We have already had several children returned to school because there is no one to meet them at the bus stop. It's impossible for the drivers to arrive at exactly the same time every day due to traffic, trains, construction and varying schedules. Please be ready and waiting 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up and drop off time. Please read the transportation notice below!

If your child misses the bus picking them up and you can bring them to school, please drop off in car line. Our car line meets in the parking lot off Wabash Ave. Doors do not open for school until 7:50 AM for AM classes and 11:20 AM for PM classes. You cannot drop off earlier than those times.

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