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Dear Parents and Staff

It was a privilege to join with our Year Six students and their families as they received the Sacrament of Confirmation last Saturday evening. The students were beautifully presented and maintained a deep level of reverence throughout the celebration. Congratulations to all of the students; I hope you heed my words from last week’s newsletter and make every effort to nurture and develop the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, that you received from Fr Quynh, to become the wonderful people that you are destined to be.


I was amazed by the array of clever costumes that were worn by the children and staff for our Book Week parade on Tuesday morning. Mr and Mrs Twit made a special appearance to host the parade and the Library Monitors, under Mrs Mack’s careful direction, kept things moving along smoothly. Thank you to everyone for joining in with the spirit of this day which reminds us of the many amazing adventures that we can find in books.

Congratulations to Mrs Mack for the many exciting activities that she has prepared for the children to participate in throughout the week. My particular favourite is the Harry Potter Guess Who game that she so cleverly made.


I’ve visited some of the Year Five students this week to see how they’re progressing with their presentations for next week’s Night(s) of the Notable. They are really impressive, and I look forward to hearing them present throughout the week.

Monday and Tuesday Year 5P

Wednesday and Thursday Year 5 M

Glossophobia, or a fear of public speaking, is a very common phobia that is believed to affect up to 75% of the population. Therefore, I am very proud of all of the students for being so brave in presenting in front of a significant audience. I certainly would have found this very challenging at their age.

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  • Congratulations to the members of our Year Three choir who performed in the Primary Sacred Choral Music section of the Performing Arts at St Benedict’s Church yesterday morning. They sang beautifully and received an excellent report from the adjudicator, Mrs Estelle Dragun. Thank you to Mr Loiacono and Mrs Evans for conducting and accompanying the children.

  • Next Wednesday our School Choir will perform in the Primary Choral Singing section of the Festival at the Vasto Club in Balcatta in the 11.45am – 12.45pm session. I hope to see many members of their families supporting them on the day.

  • Next Friday is a BIG day for our Junior and Senior Dance groups as they have rehearsals during the day and performances in the evening at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is always a wonderful night and I’m looking forward to watching our children perform along with the students from 23 other Catholic schools and colleges.


We’re praying for fine weather over the next few days so that our oval is in good condition for our children from Pre-Primary to Year Two to enjoy their Athletics Carnival next Thursday. The Carnival is scheduled to commence at 8.50am and a copy of the Programme was sent to families via SEQTA email yesterday. If you didn’t receive this, please contact the school office.


Please follow the link below to access the CSPA 2022 Parent Survey on Student Wellbeing and Learning. This is an opportunity to have your say on what matters regarding the wellbeing and learning of your child. For example, has COVID or your partnership with the school affected your child’s wellbeing and learning? If you are a parent or carer with a child in a Catholic school, CSPA would love to hear from you. Click on the survey link below and share your feedback to assist CSPA in reporting to the Federal Government and Catholic education. Your feedback will remain anonymous.


Yesterday, a parent from our school was abused for pointing out the need for another parent, who was collecting their children from school, to park legally and safely. I find it very frustrating when a parent supporting our initiatives to keep the children safe receives this response. In addition to the other parent’s abuse, both verbally and by gestures, the children, as they were driving off, made inappropriate gestures as well. Is this the kind of example we want to provide for our children……I think not! Please remember to follow the traffic and parking rules and to maintain an appropriate level of behaviour at all times.

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Was your child born between 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019?

If your child was born between these dates, they are eligible for our 4 Year Old Kindergarten program in 2023. Registrations for 2023 are now open. Contact our office on 6272 7100 for further details.


If your child was born between 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, they are eligible for our 3 Year Old Kindergarten program in 2023. Registrations for 2023 are now open. Contact our office on 6272 7100 for further details.



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Congratulations to all students who received the Sacrament of Confirmation on 13 and 14 August 2022 at Notre Dame Catholic Church. Please keep them in your prayers.

Bible Studies

Each Tuesday evening commencing at 6.00 pm in the Parish Centre.

St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal

Boxes have been placed in the Church for donations of blankets and in-code non-perishable food items. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Planned Giving Envelopes 2022 – 2023

New sets of envelopes are available from the School side entrance of the Church. Please take the same number as last year and tick the box. If taking a set for the first time, please write your details in the space provided next to the number you have taken. For further information, please contact the Parish Office on 9277 4094. Thank you for your continued support of the Parish.

Prayer Intention for Small Business

We pray for small and medium sized businesses; in the midst of economic and social crisis, may they find ways to continue operating, and serving their communities.

Safeguarding Induction for all Church Workers

All Church workers are invited to attend an online safeguarding induction. A Church worker is anyone in the Parish in any role – paid or voluntary.

The session will cover the Safeguarding policies and procedures, the importance of Safeguarding in the Parish, and the role of the Parish Safeguarding Officer. To register, please phone Ingka on 9221 7762 or visit

Available session dates include: 25 August at 2.00 pm, 13 September at 7.00 pm and 28 September at 10.00 am.

Sponsor a School Bag

This is a charity project run by Buckets for Jesus. Library bags are filled with school supplies and a small toy. The bags are sent to the Philippines, Kenya, Vietnam, Myanmar and India. Since 2015, more than 20 000 children were blessed with school supplies. A list has been placed on the Notice Board with what is required. A box has been placed at the school side entrance of the Church for any donations or you can fill the bag yourself and return it to the Parish Office. For further information, please contact the Parish Office on 9277 4094.

Legion of Mary 48 Hour Perpetual Bouquet

In honour of Our Lady’s birthday – 8 September – lists have been placed at both sides of the Church for Parishioners to place their name in the committed time slot. Your Rosary can be prayed wherever is convenient. The scrolls will be presented at a special Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral on Thursday 8 September 2022 at 12.10 pm. For further information, please contact the Parish Office on 9277 4094.

Dr George Sekulla JP


Notre Dame Parish Council


If your child is not attending school, could you please email Administration on and the class teacher. An SMS is automatically sent if we have not received notification. Please reply to the SMS with the name of your child and the reason why the student is not attending school. Also please note If your family is going on holidays the absentee notification must be sent to and class teacher.


If your child is booked at OSHC and not attending before and after school care it is important that you please email

Thank you for your time and assistance.


Time flies when you’re having fun and Term 3 has certainly been flying by for the Year 4s. With Edu-Dance, Drama and MakerSpace all making their way into our weekly timetable, our days have been packed full of fun and learning.


Drama has quickly become one of our favourite parts of the week! We have been learning about the importance of voice control and “The Four Ps”: pitch, pace, projection and pause. Ask a Year 4 student to explain what these mean! One of our activities was to sing the song “Baby Shark” starting at a whisper then gradually increasing the volume of our voice with each verse. It was a fun and very effective way to practise moderating our voices for dramatic effect. We have absolutely loved the small group tasks that Mrs Miller has prepared for us each lesson and are looking forward to making puppets for a performance later this term.

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HASS and Literacy

This term, we have been learning about Australia’s early history, beginning with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians, looking at Dutch explorers who visited New Holland (Australia), and moving on to the First Fleet. We have been very engaged with the story “Letters of A Convict Girl”, which is about an eleven year old girl called Rose who was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for stealing a lace handkerchief. Rose is transported to the other side of the world – the far colony of New South Wales. In her letters home, Rose tells of the voyage from England, the people she meets and the hardships of life in the early days of settlement in Australia. Like this story, we will be using facts about historical events and people from the early penal colony to pretend we are convicts writing letters home to our families.

Did you know…

*That the Industrial Revolution and the invention of steam power was what led to England’s cities becoming overcrowded and the crime rate to soar?

*That “transportation” meant that convicts were sent to work for the rest of their lives in one of England’s colonies?

*That the First Fleet was the first group of ships to carry convicts to the new British colony in Australia?

*That there were 722 convicts aboard the First Fleet and that 17 of them were children?

*That the journey lasted 252 days and spanned 24000 kilometres?


We have been doing lots of exciting and challenging activities in MakerSpace this term, including making straw rockets! We’ve also been able to link in with our learning about early exploration of Australia by using Minecraft Education to build Dirk Hartog’s boat and the coding app “Scratch” to show the journey the explorer took in 1616 to become the first European to set foot in Western Australia!

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And So Much More

Book Week and NAIDOC week have also kept us busy and engaged so far this term. During NAIDOC week, we explored why it is celebrated and its importance in encouraging interest in, and respect of, Aboriginal culture and in restoring and healing past hurt experienced by Aboriginal people. Some of the activities included writing our own version of an Acknowledgement of Country, and listening to a guest presenter, the author Sue Buck, read her recently published book “My Friend Tom”. Later this term, we will be presenting “Awesome Aussies” as the culmination of our research into some amazing Australians. With so much happening, it is not hard to wonder how our teachers fit it all in! They must be “Awesome Aussies” too!

Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Dunn, Mrs Pethick & Mrs Crabbe

MERCY DAY - Friday 9 September

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Congratulations to Faustina and Dylan from 4P for their wonderful performance in the Piano Solo section of the Performing Arts Festival Friday July 29th at Aquinas College. They both played very well.

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Our Book Parade on Tuesday was a huge success, and the children all looked amazing in their vibrant costumes. The enthusiasm and support of The Leadership Team, all staff and our incredible Library Monitors helped to make the morning fun and exciting whilst showcasing many creative dress-up ideas.

A very special Thank you to Ms Cassie Rowe MLA for her sponsorship towards prizes won for the Book Week Quiz and Drawing Competition which had been held over the past few weeks.

The winners are as follows:

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition, the response was overwhelming and the drawings of book characters were outstanding.

Kim Mack

Library Technician

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The opening times are : Monday & Thursday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm during the term.

Thank you.

Danielle Lawrie

Uniform Shop Coordinator.


The canteen is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can place your order online at MY SCHOOL CONNECT or over the counter at the canteen and we accept cash or eftpos.

I rely on parent volunteers to assist me in running the canteen, so if you have even half an hour spare please pop in and lend a hand or see me to pick a date and time that suits you.

Hope to see you at the canteen soon.

Kayleen McLean

Canteen Co-ordinator

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In BSC & ASC, children had music and movement play. They participated in freeze dance, elastic games, colour mat game and, especially dodgeball that is always a popular choice by all of the children. On Thursday and Friday afternoon we had great weather for OSHC children to have sports and outdoor play, including dodgeball, soccer, hula hoop, balloon games, limbo and vortex aero howler game.

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Children have made new discoveries and learnt about countries and flags. They also enjoyed searching for countries where their families have come from. This experience would develop disposition, such as curiosity and enthusiasm as well as a sense of belonging. They also responded to diversity with respect., making sense of the world whilst expressing wonder and explored ideas.
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In BSC & ASC the children participated in board games and a puzzle championship that required problem-solving skills. Jie also worked collaboratively with children to complete the puzzle.

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Whilst attending OSHC, children have showed enthusiasm for role play experiences. They role played whatever came to mind using their creativity and imagination. Additionally, they created things with different materials or resources, including Lego, dinosaurs and dolls.

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In BSC and ASC, children showed their enthusiasm for participating in rhythmic ribbon dance. We are going to extend their interest by providing this play experience for them on Vacation Care coming soon. Children have been practising how to do circle and snakes, twirl, spin, jump etc. This play experience required fine and gross motor skills, physical play and imagination skills.
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In BSC and ASC, children participated in Balloon activities including stress balls made using balloons, playing balloon games which was physical play. This experience encourages them to use hand-eye coordination and physical play.

OSHC - September-October School Holidays Vacation Care Program

Contact the front office if you are interested in booking your child/ren into our Vacation Care Program.

The cut-off day for submission is Friday, 16 September 2022. Places are limited.

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P&F Trailer Raffle

Tickets are now available. Please see flyer included with the newsletter. Three prizes up for grabs. All profits to go towards upgrading the nature playground.

A big thank you to our sponsors Loadstar Trailers, Cassie Rowe MLA, Bunnings Belmont, Reading Cinemas Belmont, Zaneta Mascarenhas MP and Councillor Robert Rossi.

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Save The Date:

Paul Litherland Cyber Safety Parent Talk

We are proud to announce Paul Litherland, founder of Surf Online Safe and 2022 WA Australian of the Year, will be visiting our school to conduct a cyber safety presentation for parents on Wednesday 19th October (Term 4, week 2). Paul will also be speaking with our upper primary students during the day regarding the risks of the internet and how they can protect themselves online.

Subjects will include;

Social Networking: What our kids are using. Current trends & pitfalls. Juvenile Online Crime Risk: Current trends and concerns, protection methods.

Sexting & Sextortion: Detection, prevention & coping.

The Law: What is available, what is needed, as well as reporting options.

Online Gaming Issues: Current trends & areas of risk.

Safety and Control Options: Apps, Softwares, Tips & Hints.

Cards that Count

With Cards that Count, students can turn their lovely unique art work into professionally printed Christmas cards for friends and family (and teachers!!)

The cards can easily be ordered via the Cards that Count website. The templates will be available from the front office and need to be returned by Thursday 1st of September. Online ordering will be available from Monday 5th - Sunday 18th September.

Nicole Beresford


Could you please contact the front office if you have lost any of these items. They have been handed to the front office.
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Stage Door School, located at 17 Coolgardie Terrace (off Lords St, next HBF Stadium) has now restarted its popular acting classes for young people. Check out our web site, if you are interested. Inexpensive classes are on Mondays and are in groups for 8 yrs – 12 yrs, 13yrs – 17yrs. A few private singing classes also available, for all ages.

Many thanks

Ian Westrip OAM, Director,Stage Door


Primary school

Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the summer school holidays. VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations. They are a great school holiday activity and they teach valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Enrol at

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Tee-Ball registration have opened for 2022/2023 season. Please check details from the flyer.
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Keyed Up Music will be teaching voice, violin, woodwind, and drum lessons in Term 3 after school. Starting from $24.75 for 20min individual lessons. If you are interested in your son / daughter learning one of these instruments, please call Savanna on 0479 171 424 or enrol at


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