Alcohol Abuse is life abuse

Corrin Blanchard

It really is dangerous

Despite the fact we all hear about the tragic things that happen to others while intoxicated or with someone intoxicated it does not sway us with our own drinking or drug habits and why? Because we believe that those terrible things couldn't possibly happen to us but yet they can. There is a lot of danger to not only binge drinking but drinking in general.
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Statistic about alcohol

The most common age to Binge drink is anywhere from 16 to your late 20's. Alcohol can kill more teens annually than any combined drugs will.

  • 500,000 people will be injured because of alcohol in one year
  • 70,000 people will report cases of sexual abuse and rape due to alcohol in this year
  • 4,500 people will die from alcoholic related accidents this year
  • 1/3 people will be killed in alcohol related traffic accidents this year