North v.s South

The Best Civil War

President of North

Abraham Lincoln was on the northern side and he was born in February 12,1809, Hodgenville.And Lincoln led the union to victory in the civil war and ended slavery.The end of Lincoln has president and life was on April 14, 1865 when he was assassinated.And he was the first american president to be assassinated.

President for South

Jefferson Davis was on the Southern side and he was the first president of the Confederate States of America.He was born in June 3, 1808, Christian County.And Jefferson Davis died in December 6, 1889, New Orleans.He served has a congressman then as a mississippi senator.When souths defeate he was stripped from is citizenship and took refuge in Europe.
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Military Leader for North

Ulysses S. Grant
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Military Leader for South

Robert E. Lee
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Causes of the Civil War for North


Economics-for north economy was based more on industry than griculture

States v.s Federal Rights -north wanted the federal government to have more control over there rights of the states.

Slavery-the northern opposed slavery and they felt it was immoral

Tariffs-north wanted high tax on foreign goods

Cultural Differences-north was industry,and more educated

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Causes of the Civil War for South


Economics-the invention of cotton in 1793 became very profitable

States v.s Federal Rights-south had the idea of states have the right to limit to power of the federal government

Slavery-south people feared that the loss of slavery would bankrupt the south

Tariffs-south wanted lower tax on foreign goods

Cultural Differences-south were farmers,and less educated

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Advantages for North

Leadership of Abraham Lincoln

Industrial power

More health

More rall roads

Control shipping

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Advantages For South

Out standing Genarals

Strong military tradition

Strong motivation

Skilled with guns

Cotton could be exchange for guns

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Disanvantages for North

Weak motivation

Unagrasive officers

Far from home

Alarge costline hard to diffend

Lots of land

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Disanvantages For South

Paper low value

Low number man

Under leader Jefferson Davis

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Genaral information for North



22million people


2.1 million in the army

178,000 black who fought

130,000came from south

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General Information For South


11 states amillion people

Includes 3.5 million slaves


600,000-1.5 million (estamated)

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