Friday Feedback

The Power of Positivity - 9/22/17

"When we take care of the kids, the test scores will take care of themselves..."

I found this quote via a tweet on Twitter and was instantly given inspiration for this edition of "Friday Feedback". With the new school year still fresh upon us comes new and rejuvenated energy for all of us. It's important to remind myself every school year why I got into this profession and reconnect with my purpose and my passion. This quote sums it up for me.

One of my mentors early in my career, who later went on to be a very successful principal, superintendent, and beyond, once told me in a group conversation that the key to his success as an educator is due to his ability to foster relationships. He built solid relationships with his staff, and students, and was very good at identifying talented caring people when hiring new members to add to his culture. In one conversation with him I specifically remember asking him candidly "What is the one thing that you can tie to all of your success?" (because his schools were consistently showing great success and tremendous student growth). He looked at me and said "Relationships. Our kids know that we care about them".

So with the new school year still fresh upon us, and with that idea in mind, remember this quote - "When we take care of the kids, the test scores will take care of themselves".

"We are very fortunate to work in education. Sometimes, we just forget how blessed we are". - Todd Whitaker

What's Coming Up?

Saturday 9/23 - MS XCountry @ Pekin
Tuesday 9/26 - MS Football @ Albia; MS Volleyball @ Kirksville

Wednesday 9/27 - Chicago Trip Parent Meeting - 5 pm DCMS

Thursday 9/28 - MS Cross Country @ Chariton
Friday 9/29 - 7th Grade Hearing Screenings

Down the Road...

Tuesday 10/3 - 5th Grade Field Trip
Friday 10/6 - Staff Gathering @ 7:30 a.m.

Monday 10/12 -Tornado Drill - 10 a.m.
Tuesday 10/10 - Friday 10/13 - Homecoming Week (click the link for tentative plans)


"What Great Teachers Do Differently"

"Great teachers create a positive atmosphere in their classrooms and schools. They treat every person with respect. In particular, they understand the power of praise". - Todd Whitaker