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October News


As the heart of the gifted community, the mission of the SAGE Center is to ensure all students, as members of a global society, foster their uniqueness, develop their potential, and embrace their true belonging through learning experiences distinguished by:

  • Courageous exploration and discovery of passions in a flexible and innovative environment
  • Support systems for students, staff, and community
  • Ownership and self-regulation in a student-driven culture

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Conferences and Progress Reports

Primary teachers have been in communication with classroom teachers and are in the process of completing teacher to teacher conference this fall to provide classroom support.

SAGE parent teacher conferences will be held in January this year. Look for information to be sent via email closer to the event. SAGE progress reports will be given at the end of first semester.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's SAGE teacher.

Primary Fall Showcase

Thursday, Nov. 29th, 4:30-6:30pm

6889 North Oak Trafficway

Gladstone, MO

Primary is having a Fall Showcase to highlight students work from the beginning of the year until now. This is an open house style of event.


Student have been exploring coping strategies and how to resolve conflicts. We have read several mentor text books and students have done role play activities to practice utilizing their coping strategies.

HOME CONNECTION: Ask your child: What are some effective coping strategies for helping them deal with their emotions?


In math, students have been working on decomposing numbers and being flexible thinkers. Our goals are to be accurate and efficient in our math. A we have begun being able to defend or justify our mathematical thinking verbally. We have been utilizing math tasks, hands on math activities and technology to accomplish these goals.

HOME CONNECTION: Ask your child: What are different ways you can decompose multi-digit numbers and defend your answer.

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Students have been exploring the life cycle of insects. Specifically complete and incomplete metamorphosis. We then moved to investigating and learning about specific insects. Ladybugs was our first insect and students learned about ladybug movement, examined live ladybugs, learned their life cycle and created model ladybugs. Students are now working on learning about beetles. We have been using our research skills to learn fun facts, like did you know that 1 out of every 4 animals is a beetle and scientists have discovered over 350,000 different beetle species. More information to come about beetles soon...

HOME CONNECTION: Ask you child about the Beetle Pull Science Experiment.

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In science, we are continuing to read the Quirkles science series books. We read Ellie Electricity and conducted experiments that allowed students to create electrical circuits. Next, we read Mary Motion and students conducted experiments with either making Rollercoasters or doing an Egg Drop with gravity. Finally we read Zany Science Zeke and conducted an experiment learning about polymers.

HOME CONNECTION: Ask you child about the melting witch hat and why styrofoam melts.

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Kindergarten and 1st Grade have been working on greetings and numbers in Spanish. Most of our lessons involve physical movement and response to language, which allows the students to create a mind-body connection between the words and their meanings. During second quarter we will explore colors and shapes, while continuing to practice our Spanish greetings and numbers.

HOME CONNECTION: Ask your child to tell you a word or phrase they learned in Spanish this week.

PAGS Parent Ed Camp

Wednesday, Nov. 14th, 6-7:15pm

6889 North Oak Trafficway

Gladstone, MO

Join us for Parents Ed Camp on November 14 at the SAGE Center! You will be able to meet with other parents as you discuss topics and resources that impact you and your gifted child(ren).

Limited childcare will be provided by our Middle School SAGE students for kids ages 5 and up.

Please RSVP to the event using this link so we can know how many parents to expect. We will then reach out to see if you will be using childcare services so that we can ensure enough coverage.