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We hope that this page will give you lots of pathways that you can take to find tech tools. Hope you enjoy!

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Kathy Schrock's Blog

As an educational technologist, I continue to learn each day. When I develop new presentations or explore a new passion, I create a page of resources. This site will serve as the entry point to these resources, ideas, tips, and tricks.

Common Sense Education: Teacher Center

Our Teacher Center provides a professional development hub for teachers and administrators using Graphite. Find resources for integrating technology into the curriculum effectively, as well as advice on how to best use Graphite to find high-quality edtech for the classroom. Check out Lesson Flows to inspire your teaching, join our monthly webinars, and find out how to become a Graphite Certified Educator. Whether you’re a newbie or expert, join our growing community of educators with whom you can connect to share best practices.


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Lots and Lots and Lots of Tools!

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Ed Tech Podcasts

Listen to your newest ed tech news and trends.


This site allows you to build a wall of icons that link to all your favorite tools. Don't want to build your own? You can use one of their walls!

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Ed Surge

A collection of resources and news articles about educational technology. Click here to read more!