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Bayyari Elementary School Newsletter, Springdale, AR

2020-2021, Issue 17, January 2, 2021

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Mrs. Johnson's Journaling

Happy New Year! We hope you all were able to enjoy some quality family time together and are ready to return to school on Monday, January 4th. We are ready to see you!

Growth mindset is a term used in classrooms today. Through growth mindset, students learn the goal is to improve, learn more, and take on challenges. We encourage students to use terms like: "I don't know YET" instead of "I don't know," or "This is too hard for me." We challenge them to see failures as a chance to learn and find another perspective. Remind your child that they can and must accept challenges. Although a task may be difficult, learning how to do that challenge is highly rewarding and grows their brains! Try not to step in and help your child too soon. They will develop so much more during the process of "figuring it out."

As we start back to school for the second semester, we hope we can all embrace a growth mindset and understand that failures are a chance to learn. If we keep trying, we will find success in challenges is a wonderful feeling. We hope you all had a great holiday time with your families and we look forward to continuing our partnership in your child's education.

As always, we are here to help! Please contact us at (479)750-8760 or email us at

Mrs. Johnson

Nurse's Update

We are tracking and reporting flu numbers. Please call Nurse Alicia or the office if your child has tested positive for the flu. Your child's name will not be used in the report.

Please remember to fill out the COVID form at if your child has been exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID or if they are positive for COVID. Also, please let Nurse Alicia or the office know.

We have updated the quaratine days if your child has no symptoms due to CDC guidelines changing. Please see the graphic below.

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School Breakfast and Lunch Menus

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Counselor's Corner

How to Get Back into The School Routine After A Holiday

It is so hard to get back into the swing of things after a holiday for all of us. Children have a harder time than adults adjusting back into their old routines. I recently read an article titled “5 tips to help ease your child back into school mode after the holidays” at This article really gave some helpful advice such as:

1. Create a chart of what a normal routine for school looks like. Examples would include what needs to be done to get them ready for school, what do they need to take to school, and don’t forget to include establishing that bedtime routine again.

2. Talk about going back to school. This will help prepare them. Talk to them about any fears they may have about returning.

3. Set a positive tone about going back to school. Let them feel excited about getting to go back.

4. Watch your child for signs of stress. If your child seems stressed out about going back, talk about it. Figure out a plan of action to make your child comfortable about coming back.

5. Always Encourage Communication and Questions. Make sure your child knows that conversations are welcome. Be an open communicator with your child.

Springdale Sonics Basketball

Springdale Sonics is looking for 5th grade boys and 2nd - 5th grade girls that are interested in playing in the Sonics league beginning January 9th at the Springdale Recreation Center. Anyone interested can contact League Director, James Dean at as soon as possible.

Upcoming Dates


4 - Return to School

8 - Picture Retakes

18 - No School in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day